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  • B2a B2a Aug 4, 2007 23:40 Flag

    Alonso grest world champion or cheating little toe rag?

    Idiot..........what about being Brazilian and driving a red/white, japanese powered one?

    EVERY world champion is a hard charging, full on, win at all costs racer - THAT is why the hardest drivers are multiple world champions - Schumacher, Piquet, Senna - driven to win.

    Why did Mansell, Hill et al. only get one? They lucked into it - neither had the balls when the going got tough, same as Button.

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    • I agree, I'm not an Alonso fan, but if he intentionally delayed Hamilton, that's another tactic to win, although somewhat unsportsmanlike. And that's what seperates the true winners from the rest. Schumi, Senna played the same game.

    • usafb2a
      Cheating is cheating. Some people have self respect and honour. They are prepared to do everything within the rules to win. If you think cheating is the right thing to do then that is a sad reflection upon your own moral outlook and lack of character. It doesnt take balls to cheat just lack of self belief, pride and ability.

    • That make NO sense as it doesn't explain why piquet would not drive against mansell and he won't drive against prost and he won't drive against senna.
      ok you have to be in the right place at the right time to win a championship but to think that just because you have won 3 times makes you better than a one time champion is mince ie piquet v mansell 86 and 87 mansell was by far a harder driver and as for balls why are most of the greatest overtakin done by him??? and senna if in doubt look at hungary 1987 stick to what you know best with your comment... NOTHING.

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      • Senna and Mansell in the same league?
        You must be kidding.
        One was a hero, unlike the other who went on to Indy cos he could never catch up with his opponents unless he absolutely and positively had everyone else in the gravel.
        Exciting pilot to watch though i give that to you...more like bumper cars than go-karts but who cares when you're english and biased?

      • LOL.........you are funny!! Stuck in a time warp - you should be the new dr. who!!

        Yes, Mansell had grit and was un-lucky, but he still made mistakes - Japan 87 (I think, stuffed it in practise and hurt his back) - hats off to him for taking the race to the yanks in indy though.