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  • Sean Sean Aug 5, 2007 01:28 Flag

    Alonso grest world champion or cheating little toe rag?

    I'm Ferrari fan. And even for me it was unpleasant to see incident in pits. Even so fo Ferrari drivers result of Hamilton is more than Alonso and we fans seems should be happy , but what is going on with man. Last GP he almost crashed against Massa, this time at the begining of third session he was blocking Kimi till they got to pits, then he does this to Hamilton, than he blocks Kimi again. And where FIA? Even Shumi, whom we love and other fans hate was punished for things like this. Or it seems that FIA really wants to bring as more title to Alonso as possible so it will force Shumi to be back. Of course in this case Berni gets a lot of USD&Euro.