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  • SAM SAM Aug 4, 2007 23:28 Flag

    Cheat of all cheats


    Well there you have it guys infront of your very eyes at the Hungaro ring you have witnessed a new breed of cheat in Alonso. Not content with having won two very lucky world titles he now has to resort to blatant blocking of his faster 'rookie' teammate. He and his supporters can try to make all the excuses in the world but one things for sure he can't play fair because he's running scared.

    Sure there was controversy at times with the likes of Senna and most recently with Schu but both had the decency to show who was boss and fastest during qualifying on the track. And Schumi/Ferrari haters (you know who you are here) don't bother bringing up the F1 maestro's past because you'll only get a proper bashing on this board from now on.

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    • Well said. Roseberg and Heidfeld have been brilliant this season given their machinery and still prove that a good driver can make all the difference. Hamilton's getting all the applaudits but put him in an average car and team and lets see what results he can deliver.

      Mind you the way he's outshone Alonso by in large this season (so far) has been quite funny given all the big talk that the Spaniard seems to come up with from time to time.

    • McLaren dont need any talented pilot,
      they have the fastest car of the season (and we all know why!) , they would have the same constructor's points if Davidson or Coulthard was driving.

      F-1 is not what it used to be.... Its all about the cars, and Stepney / Coughlan werent completely stupid about it...they managed to give McLaren the strongest advantage of the season, with whoever as a pilot!!! And the whole Alonso/Hamilton saga is serving Dennis well since it's distracting from the realest and deepest problem of the season...

      So please, everyone, try to understand this simple fact: Alonso wont go anywhere unless he knows that the car he's getting is competitive... If Renault improve their performance then he'll be there. If not he'll stay it's as simple as that. Thats F-1 for you....
      I personally think both LH and FA are the biggest #$%$ F-1 has ever seen. Take pilots like Heidfeld, Rosberg, Kubica, even Vettel, etc... believe me theyre as quick as any other pilot on the tracks, yet you dont hear them complain about eachother, no number 1 and number 2...u dont hear them complain about the paparazzis, about getting equal treatment...God, with the money these guys rack in everyday, they could at least look like theyre enjoying themselves?? Not FA and LH tho.... we are very far from the McLaren team i grew up watching....


    • Korangsumemmgbodo..dahlabaikbalikmasakwooit. Isiperut

    • Hamilton bodobudutolollllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barc555..wake up. u r dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am a huge shumi fan and always will be he was just pure amazing to watch, no one could and i still say wont ever be able to get from the back of the grid to the front like he did.Every driver has their own faults.Lewis has something that no other driver has. Alonso and Kimi both had it but it seems to have left them, as for massa i feel its just pure luck for him.I do support mclaren all the way but unlike you barc i dont hold grudges against any other team.

    • Surely it is better to want all teams to do well to help the sport on a world stage rather than just one,but to hate other teams and drivers for no other reason than they dont drive for the team you like is simply ferrari through and through.

    • So excatly who is this magic 'we'? What your allowed to have favourite team/s and driver/s but the Ferrari followers and fans are not? Remember this is F1 and not football, nationalities of drivers should count for less when choosing who and what team to support.

    • The thing is we can see past what the media hype up and force on us were as you can't and we also know the dark side of ferrari and schumacher it is not what you do but how you do it and that is were your heroes fall short.Do you care or even like any other teams or maybe you are not a f1 fan but simply another biased ferrari fan?

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