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  • Worried !!
    Bashing just like j.v and hill's williams got then in 94 and 97? along with the last lap in austria, parking at monaco that is REAL cheating accept it !

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    • C'mon...defend his tactics.....Is that all you have? The same tired old complaints you've been using for as far as I can see on this board. If you took your nose out Alonso's #$%$ for just a minute you'd see that he is worse than Michael ever was. His list of indiscretions gets longer after every race. He taunted Massa after winning, yes winning the Euro GP. He makes a beautiful move, then tarnishes it by being a jackhole afterwards. Face it, you've got nothing. Anything short of sending him to the back of the grid for the race tomorrow further disgraces F1's credibility.

    • I'm new around here - but seems you have a real reputation for being an idiot!!

      I suppose you keep harping on about 94 and 97 because as a Williams fan that was the golden age??

      JV only won in 97 because the Williams was the best car on the grid - if he was worth his salt he had the chance to prove it at BAR - but failed miserably before running away!

      Your right in one aspect only - Schmacher did run tough, and maybe he did run outside the rules, but he won SEVEN world titles - you don't get that by being a nice guy!

      Ask Johnny Herbert or Gerhard Berger...........nice guys both, and good driver, but won sweet FA apart from a few races!

    • Hahahahaha. I knew you'd be the first one to reply. Thats right keep on going on about 94 & 97 as if it made Schu a worse driver in comparison to Hill and JV. He was miles better than both of them in both years- FACT. And as for Austria and Schu winning at the expense of Rubens, well don't blame MS for Todt's decision to let Schu by if your not prepared to lay any blame on Alonso for a lot of what he and McLaren have done recently.

      And btw please explain to use all the meaning of 'REAL CHEATING'.