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  • By the looks of things McLarens should be barred from F1 altogether, first they try to get secrets from Ferrari then now they even allow team mates rivalry to go this far as to allow Alonso to blatantly cheat his own team mates in front of the public. The team is putting the whole F1 to shame and if the authorities don't take any serious action, they will lose the spectators.

    The talk about Ferrari and Schumy making the sport boring, Alonso is making a mockery of the whole sport. He and Mclaren should be banned from the sport at least for 1 year to ensure that no one will do these things again in future.

    Deduct all their points both constructors and drivers point to teach them a hard lesson once and for all.

    All those in favour to this, vote here.


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    • One more thing, Mclaren did'nt try to get secret documents from ferrari, some idiot in the team did. So get your facts right before you post em.

    • Yer Ferrari would love you. And no i don't agree.
      The only thing i would like to see is the fia stop poking their noses where it does'nt belong.

      If anyone's making a mockery of the sport it's the fia. To me the problems yesterday in qually was a team one and should be sorted by the team internally.

      I don't agree with what Alonso did in qually, but equally i don't agree with the punishment of being put back 5 places. I think it would have been a much more interesting race if they had left it as it was, as Hamilton had been quicker anyway.

      So like i said, the fia should keep their beaks out of business that does'nt concern them.

    • You dont think much do you, if mclaren were to get banned and striped of points, why? what has lewis done wrong hes only protecting his own.Ferrari did worse with micheal and it never happened to them. Just wait for this appeal in september ferrari are going to look like right pricks, i`m not pro mclaren i just like the sport and being a senior offical in motorsport i can see why the stweards and fia impossed the penalty on alonso, it was well deserved.