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  • Stephen M Stephen M Aug 5, 2007 18:01 Flag

    Cheat of all cheats

    A lot of interesting comments some of which I agree with. Schumacher was the greatest F1 driver of all time in ABILITY only. As a sportsman he was distinctly lacking and a cheat and there is no arguing with that. Therefore he can never be counted as the best F1 driver of all time as many of his blinkered fans seem to believe. As for Ferrari, I hope they are in F1 as long at it exists. F1 would be much the poorer without one of the most exciting and innovative teams. Alonso is exactly the same though with rather less ability. A large number of F1 drivers could learn a lot from watching the likes of Rubens Barrichelo, not just in his ability as a driver but the way he conducts himself on and off the track. He and Jenson Button are wasted at Honda. Also many of the team leaders are spineless in that they will not give thier true opinions publicly for fear of upseting some of thier pre-madonna drivers and losing the sponsorship deals they bring with them. I live in Spain and some of the Spanish friends I have are ashamed of Alonso's actions. As for Shumacher, if you can't see that he was one of F1's biggest cheats then you are blinkered beyond belief. Cheats come in all shapes and sizes and all nationalities, including British, but Schumacher will go down as one of the biggest and, more importantly, most dangerous. By all means be a fan but not to the point where you deny the evidence of your own eyes. I just hope Hamilton keeps his cool and is guided by his father rather than Ron Dennis, in his future. I find it hard to believe that Ron Dennis tried to justify Alonso's actions because Hamilton would not let Alonso past to burn off fuel. If this is true, then reprimand Hamilton, don't justify cheating by your other driver and jeoperdise the manufacturers title for your team. You've made a fool of yourself again Mr Dennis. Perhaps I am just lucky that I have had the privilage of seeing drivers and team leaders from the inside, but please believe the evidence of your own eyes.

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