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  • I am sorry for all of you that support Hamilton no matter what. It has been proven after listening to the radio that Alonso didn't cheat, but Hamilton did not obey the team's instructions. SO I hope tomorrow the best will win.

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    • i dont think u understand ths sport hamilton did not obey team instruction cause he was protecting the team by not letting alonso who was closely followed by kim whom could have overtaken alonso and snatch pole from maclaren instead of keeping up wth hamilton alonso got an ampu and decided to retaliate n a silly way

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      • Thats #$%$, Kimi was over a second behind....If Alonso passes Hamilton, that doesn't mean Kimi wants to "slip" between them or go in front?....and win the Pole??? We have yet to see this happen in qualifying sessions.
        Especially when qualifying, you dont exactly drive like at a GP. You cut the best lap, and usually you don't want any traffic in front of u... Kimi was not going to cut across, but rather to give himself some space to clock the best lap...and go for Pole...

        Both Hamilton and Alonso acted like kids, because precisely, they are not men. Men would settle it on a Sunday afternoon. Not in Q3... nuff said

    • Yep, the best DID win!

    • I though that this would be a thread about Schumacher.

      I found it odd that he managed to win his first title in a Ford engined car. Not even a cosworth ford.

      But when he went to Ferrari it took him a couple of seasons. Ford have never had a good works engine, and it could not have been better than the worst Ferrari engine.

    • Agree.. Alonso is 100% innocent. Hamilton is a cheater and absolute arrogant.

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      • "Agree.. Alonso is 100% innocent. Hamilton is a cheater and absolute arrogant."

        How can you make any more stupid and biased comments than this? You can't! But at least keep them to yourself and your kindergarten classroom, where every little boy must have it his own way, not the way it is.

      • If a driver is arrogant and a cheater how come hes doing so well,Alonso isnt 100% innocent as you put it,Why should lewis follow team orders when his team mate never does.Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.Alonso is just one big baby who needs to cheat to get what he wants what a total arse he is.Get him back to coockoo land with renault and give us a break.

      • Agree.. Alonso is 100% innocent. Hamilton is a cheater and absolute arrogant.

        Tell what part of the Yellow Book or F1 SRs has Hamilton broken? None spring to mind. So how can he be a cheat if he hasn't broken any rules?

    • Who cares F1 is a pantomime the only excitment is when something like this happens lawnmower racing is more fun to watch.
      That said Berni seems to be making the most of his new star to sell us the kings clothes GP2 is where the racing really happens.

    • For his age u must simply respect this guy...he is not a cheat any self believing winner wouldnt allow being made 2nd.

    • Everyone is entitled to there opinion but as a senior motorsport offical, Alonso could clearly be seen holding back and if anyone is to blame its his own department using games tactics.Ron Dennis should grab the bull by the horns and get in control of his team again and keep his finger on the pulse too much is going on behind the scene now.I would fine Alonso even with his penatly from the stewards decision.What would of happened if it was the other way round?

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      • I think the reason behind docking all points for constructor's championship is precisely because of those iffy team orders to favour one car over another...
        I think Alonso was just teaching LH a lesson because of what he did to him earlier. This internal bashing between pilots is becoming increasingly difficult to watch for everyone and i think the FIA's had enough of this.
        Dennis needs to clean the crap that's going on in his paddocks. If they continue like this, then the animosity between the 2 pilots will go on and on, and it can become another very ugly episode in the history of F1.
        Docking points for McLaren as a whole is the only way for the FIA to express their discontent. And noone needs to see the 2 pilots going at it on the track and causing a major , possibly fatal crash.

        My guess is after this Alonso will leave McLaren especially if there are other good cars out there. Maybe BMW ?

    • The Spaniard waited 11 seconds after the team had instructed him to leave the pits, a full 31s in total.

      That sounds like cheating to me.

      Schumacher was sent to the back of the grid for stalling his engine after going deep into a turn.

      Alonso is a dirty dirty cheater.

    • If you believe Dennis' excuse for what happened then I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. His excuse was the only viable one to submit whereas it would reduce any FIA penalties. I still don't buy it. No true leader would cut off his nose to spite his face. He says they had to stick to the original gameplan, regardless of the circumstances. Complete and utter bullocks! Unforeseen circumstances happen all the time i.e. safety cars. Does it not require the team to change their plans in order to optimise track position? When was the last time Hamilton disobeyed direct orders anyway. Most other teams would consider that grounds for dismissal. I don't believe Dennis' explanation for a second.

    • Anyway, if the FIA hasn't donde anything the team will do tomorrow, they don't want him in the team... but without Alonso I'd like to see how the cars run, because it's not Hamilton who makes the job, he only copies. Alonso has said it clear: "The were worried because the pole was mine." I'm sure now little Lewis is crying to daddy. Fernando, leave this team, you can drive where you want and they will be nothing without you.

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      • I cannot disagree more with everything you said! You have obviously no idea about F1 - you only posted your message to protect Alonso's tainted, blotched reputation and as his co-national, we understand that. But I need to comment on your observation about "little Lewis is crying to his Daddy". You only said this because IT IS NORMAL IN SPAIN FOR BOYS TO COMPLAIN TO THEIR PARENTS AND SEEK THEIR HELP WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING STUPID!!!

        Trust me, I am talking from my experience of 2 years in Spain, where I had loads of Spanish men trying to get close to me, but they ALWAYS turned me off with their constant whining and daddy's boy's attitude!

        So, I am not at all surprised to see Alonso being just another Spanish man, but let me bring to your attention that not all men in the world are wankers and daddy's boys! We don't know much about Hamilton yet, but he sure looks like a foot soldier, if you ask me or anyone with an unbiased view on drivers.

      • Yeahh...absolutely rite.