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  • jonathan jonathan Aug 22, 2007 19:06 Flag


    Well, we are indeed very far from the maturity that F-1 pilots used to have (im thinking of Senna, Hill, Mansell, Prost, etc)... If you take Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Kubica, Heidfeld, Rosberg, we are in Kindergarten-F1.... so some kids behave a bit better than others, but i think in terms of average age of pilots, F-1 has never been so "young"... That is why i really hope we will see the likes of Coulthard / Fisi ...

    Now, Alonso and Hamilton are in the spotlight, because sadly F-1 has got nothing better to show - Alonso plays dirty tricks to his teammate in qualifying sessions, Hamilton talks nonsense to ITV for 30 minutes...they both have their daddies in the paddock... I hope Vettel and the rest will see that and learn how to distance themselves from this ugly circus.
    Race, Win, and Shut-Up, like real adults...