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  • Gisela Gisela Aug 5, 2007 04:19 Flag


    Anyway, if the FIA hasn't donde anything the team will do tomorrow, they don't want him in the team... but without Alonso I'd like to see how the cars run, because it's not Hamilton who makes the job, he only copies. Alonso has said it clear: "The were worried because the pole was mine." I'm sure now little Lewis is crying to daddy. Fernando, leave this team, you can drive where you want and they will be nothing without you.

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    • I cannot disagree more with everything you said! You have obviously no idea about F1 - you only posted your message to protect Alonso's tainted, blotched reputation and as his co-national, we understand that. But I need to comment on your observation about "little Lewis is crying to his Daddy". You only said this because IT IS NORMAL IN SPAIN FOR BOYS TO COMPLAIN TO THEIR PARENTS AND SEEK THEIR HELP WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING STUPID!!!

      Trust me, I am talking from my experience of 2 years in Spain, where I had loads of Spanish men trying to get close to me, but they ALWAYS turned me off with their constant whining and daddy's boy's attitude!

      So, I am not at all surprised to see Alonso being just another Spanish man, but let me bring to your attention that not all men in the world are wankers and daddy's boys! We don't know much about Hamilton yet, but he sure looks like a foot soldier, if you ask me or anyone with an unbiased view on drivers.

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      • Well, we are indeed very far from the maturity that F-1 pilots used to have (im thinking of Senna, Hill, Mansell, Prost, etc)... If you take Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Kubica, Heidfeld, Rosberg, we are in Kindergarten-F1.... so some kids behave a bit better than others, but i think in terms of average age of pilots, F-1 has never been so "young"... That is why i really hope we will see the likes of Coulthard / Fisi ...

        Now, Alonso and Hamilton are in the spotlight, because sadly F-1 has got nothing better to show - Alonso plays dirty tricks to his teammate in qualifying sessions, Hamilton talks nonsense to ITV for 30 minutes...they both have their daddies in the paddock... I hope Vettel and the rest will see that and learn how to distance themselves from this ugly circus.
        Race, Win, and Shut-Up, like real adults...

    • Yeahh...absolutely rite.