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  • jonathan jonathan Aug 5, 2007 16:28 Flag


    I think the reason behind docking all points for constructor's championship is precisely because of those iffy team orders to favour one car over another...
    I think Alonso was just teaching LH a lesson because of what he did to him earlier. This internal bashing between pilots is becoming increasingly difficult to watch for everyone and i think the FIA's had enough of this.
    Dennis needs to clean the crap that's going on in his paddocks. If they continue like this, then the animosity between the 2 pilots will go on and on, and it can become another very ugly episode in the history of F1.
    Docking points for McLaren as a whole is the only way for the FIA to express their discontent. And noone needs to see the 2 pilots going at it on the track and causing a major , possibly fatal crash.

    My guess is after this Alonso will leave McLaren especially if there are other good cars out there. Maybe BMW ?

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