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  • ScarfaceF1 ScarfaceF1 Aug 5, 2007 04:08 Flag

    Ron and his Pram

    So Ron Dennis has now thrown all his toys out of his little Pram, writing letters back and forth publicly, throwing accusations around, when HIS TEAM were caught with documents, etc, etc. or has he!! Alonso adds more spice to the WC and I wonder what Ron will come up with now

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    • The best part (where i laughed the hardest) is when Ronnie accuses ferrari to run an illegal car in australia...
      umm wait, no it wasnt illegal cause the car was doublechecked before during and after the race by the relevant authorities, right?

      So how can he not SHUT UP? it's the thief accusing his victim of having fake jewelry?

      I lost all respect for the guy. His team is blatantly caught with illegal stuff about another team, he escapes every single form of punishment, and he dares opening his mouth about the victim of this huge fraud?
      F him and his cars...they stole the championship this year..