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  • Wilbur Wilbur Aug 5, 2007 08:23 Flag

    Who benefits?

    Why should any other team or the stewarts care if one team makes a mistake that doesn't affect another team? We have to protect McLaren from McLaren? I don't think so. This is ridiculous. Let's get to the truth of the matter. Who benefits? Ferrari. Plain and simple. Taking points from a team because one of its racers blocks another of its racer in some sort of screwed up pit stop is absurd. Why not take points away from Ferrari because they forgot to refuel their own car. That makes just as much sense. I smell a rat!

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    • Ferrari fans are all up in arms simply because the only way they will win anything is to try and get mclaren banned but that is just the usual ferrari way of doing things.
      They(ferrari) are quite simply a team who play dirty .

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      • Mr Supersonic925 thinks he's got a point with his anti-Ferrari attitude, while the main question is different: is there any sense in calling this f%^&ing business sport? I know, as in soccer, that where people and sponsor go there's rivers of money for whose folks that run the circus, with some small creek sprinkling around for whose ppl that sell paraphernalia and fan bait. It's not even a problem with McLaren or Ferrari or Williams or any other team you may talk about. This is not sport. It's some kind of wargame, where instead of guns there are wheels, engines, electronics, and applied advanced physics. The only stupid thing in the game is the nearsighted fans... I ain't in principle against any of the teams, even though I feel better when my favorite team win. There are ppl here that behave like kids, or worse, puppets: "McLaren is the best and Ferrari cheats every day of the year!", " I hope McLaren gets kicked out the championship!". Please, open your eyes, ladies and gents... they are just trying to feed their system with your "fanhood" (i.e.: your money).

    • Dude,
      Your post is non-sense.
      McLaren are #$%$ things up with Alonso pulling another one of his ugly moves, and they should be docked points. Hamilton goes on Pole, but for you and your ferrari-hating mind, it benefits Ferrari once again?
      It benefits every other team in fact, but more than anything it benefits Dennis and his little baby who's going to start at the top of the grid.
      Your posts are all the same...ferrari this and ferrari that...it's lame, and you sound like a cry-baby.

    • It's just a matter of rules. Many times in the past drivers and teams escaped just punishments: one example was Ferrari in Austria in 2002 (Schumacher overtaking Barrichello after team orders. That was stupid rather than illegal: that year Ferrari had a great car, while the rest were running on mopeds), another was McLaren in 2001 when they were allowed to change vital parts of the engines in parc ferme. It should be appreciated that somebody tries to have drivers and teams abiding by rules... But my point is another: the business driven mess we are living is not a sport any longer.

    • What a joke this season has become!!!

      We've got people for McLaren and we've got people for Ferrari and then there are the rest. Let's get back to what we're all here for...the racing! First and foremost we still have Stepneygate, an issue that I think thoroughly benefits McLaren. How can a team be found UNANIMOUSLY guilty by all 26 members of the FIA and then not be punished at all? We have Ron Dennis accusing Ferrari of cheating in Round 1 of the season just before Round 11. A little late don’t you think Mr. Dennis? As Kimi so eloquently stated "As for Mr. Dennis's letter about race one, I guess we would have been disqualified if that was true so I guess he was not right." As for what happened today with Alonso and Hamilton it was deemed that Alonso did nothing wrong (I believe that Mr. Lauda owes Fernando a public apology for his outburst before knowing the facts) by Mr. Dennis and the stewards but McLaren is found guilty of being prejudicial to the interests of the competition and to the interests of motor sport generally, therefore Alonso is penalized 5 grid places (by no fault of his own) and McLaren gets hit with no points for them in the Constructors Championship. WOOPDIE F&^KING DOO!!! McLaren being 27 points ahead of Ferrari at the moment will still win the Constuctors Championship by the end of the year and Hamilton the Drivers Championship most likely. Ferrari will have to finish in first and in second to even put a dent in McLaren’s lead. Even if they do finish in that order it still puts them 9 points behind. A tough act considering that Massa starts in 14th place on the grid. What happened today benefits Lewis Hamilton. Low and behold, with everything going on he is now on pole. If McLaren gets penalized as a team then it should be the TEAM (which consists of Alonso and Hamilton) that gets penalized which it did with the points and not just one member of the team with a grid placement penalty. I remember not so long ago that a German driver was penalized, not just 5 grid places for intentional blocking of ONE driver but to last place!

      I say we pull McLaren and Ferrari out of the competition and let the rest get on with it. I guarantee we won’t see any of this crap going on. It is because both teams have more money than they know what to do with and that they have 4 very good drivers that all of these war of words are even taking place. What would have happened had the two teams above been (no offense too both teams) Super Aguri and Spyker?

      My bet is on that Yamamoto can still win the championship!!!! :-)

    • Amen!! This is Christmas in August for Ferrari!!! What a joke!!!

    • Hamilton benefits by starting from pole, which is where he would have ended up had Alsonso not pulled a Schumi(I'm a Schumacher fan, but I'm not completely ignorant). Ferrari benefit no more than the rest of the F1 teams. This was never about Ferrari. They didn't protest. The FIA launched the inquiry. The same rules apply to team orders. Look it up.

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      • This was a backhanded way to get at McLaren for the so called "Stepney Gate". Lets be honest! The further south in Europe you get the more they cheat and the more influence the mafia has. JUst look at the " DRUG OF THE FRANCE!!(excuse me ;Tour de Farce)" No Brittish teams was involved there! This all got escalated because of Ferrari crying wolf earlier! How can the two fastest cars of the day be punnished for some kind of team"hick up" that did not hurt any other team! Yes, Hamilton was fastest, but Alonso was faster than any other driver out there. Stop putting on a Circus of politics and let the drivers decide it on the track!!!

    • Agree with you.

      Mclaren should not be punished in this case.

      But i also think that Alonso should have got the same punishment Shummi got when he stalled his car in Monaco.

      Alonso got away with a lenient penalty.

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      • Alonso blamed the team for his own foul play, team orders? what bull #$%$,
        fisrtly look at the mechanics reactions, if it were team orders surely they would know about it?
        Secondly, Ron was pretty furious, i think he wud hav been pretty calm if that was meant to happen.

        And as others have said, Shumi was sent to the back of the grid, he 'stalled' the car, Alonso could hav stalled the car, but he was just waiting for the time to tick on Lewis' lap.