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  • B2a B2a Aug 5, 2007 18:22 Flag


    ......chance to change the subject.

    Writing this prior to the Hungarian race, anyone not going to be chuffed if (or maybe it should be 'when'?) BMW hit the top step??

    Think Heidfeld stands a chance today - OK not as quick as the McLaren or the Ferrari over a race distance, but this is Hungary and once you get your nose in front it is damned hard to get passed.

    Rememeber Thierry Boutsen back in the Williams?? Oh hell, that will get Williamrenalt all over my back digging up their past glory!

    Point is - BMW have done a wonderful job this year, with two good drivers and a great little car. Wouldn't mind Heidfeld in a Ferrari - but I think his time is now.

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