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  • Chas Chas Aug 10, 2007 19:01 Flag

    Alonso was just getting Hamilton back

    As far as I understand it (from Ron Dennis's own mouth) there is no number 1 and 2 driver, they are equal and McLaren has always said their drivers are allowed to race one another as long as they don't take one another off the track and until one of them has more chance of winning the championship than the other.
    I read that Hamilton said if he had let Alonso pass it would have let Kimi through too, but I agree with you if Alonso had forced his way passed it could have ruined both their chances. Alonso was silly to do what he did in the pits, acting like a pratt, he messed himself up and caused more trouble for the team, he should have sorted it out in private and let the team deal with it. Hamilton is definately getting to him, he thinks because he is double world champion he should get special treatment, he should grow up and put his energies into beating Hamilton fair and square.