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    • i think that this sums it up from itn

      Fernando Alonso has been pushed five places down the grid at the Hungarian Grand Prix for blocking his team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

      Hamilton was on course to claim pole position in qualifying when he pulled into the pits.

      But Alonso sat in the pits with his team-mate waiting behind and the delay denied Hamilton another chance to record a fast lap.

      Alonso went on to beat Hamilton's time to claim pole position, but he was later punished by officials with a five-place demotion on the grid, so Hamilton will start from pole position.

      Their team McLaren will not receive any constructors championship points from the race.

      Immediately after qualifying, Hamilton said: 'I came in. The team had told me to take my time because Fernando was doing his pit stop, and I could see on screen he was near enough done. I then slowly, slowly pulled up, and I saw the lollipop go up, but he didn't go.'

      He added: 'I just sat there, put the car into neutral and just waited, and I saw the time fly by. I know I lost something like half a minute.

      'I was surprised he didn't go. Your guess is as good as mine as to why he was there. His wheels were on, his blankets were off and yet he was told to wait.'

      However, it has also emerged Hamilton should have allowed Alonso by at the start of the final 15-minute session for fuel-burning reasons.

      It is claimed Hamilton ignored radio orders to that effect on five separate occasions, believing it was not in his best interests.

      Team boss Ron Dennis said: 'The fuel-burn characteristics mean there is a small advantage which we play from driver to driver according to the nature of the circuit.

      'In this instance, it was Fernando's time to get the advantage of the longer fuel burn.

      'The arrangement was that we're down at the end of the pitlane, so we reverse positions in the first lap.

      'That didn't occur as arranged. That was somewhat disappointing and caused some tensions on the pitwall.

      'We were, from that moment on, out of sequence because the cars were in the wrong place on the circuit and that unfolded into the pitstops.

      'It complicated the situation into the result, which was Lewis not getting his final timed lap.'

      Nick Heidfeld moves up to second place on the grid, with Finn Kimi Raikkonen third.

      The top 10 is completed by Nico Rosberg for Williams, Alonso the Toyota of Ralf Schumacher, Robert Kubica for BMW Sauber, the Renault of Giancarlo Fisichella, and then Jarno Trulli and Mark Webber for Toyota and Red Bull Racing.

      Jenson Button qualified in his Honda at a disappointing 17th place.

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      • 'We were, from that moment on, out of sequence because the cars were in the wrong place on the circuit and that unfolded into the pitstops.'
        Funny how that translates into Alonso's stop lasting 10 seconds longer than required...

        As if Alonso couldn't burn off fuel with Hamilton in front of him... Hold on, Lewis was over a second a lap quicker at the beginning of the Q3 session!!! I'm confused. It all looks to be a bit of a cover-up story.
        But if this fuel-burning thing is true, it's a poor reason for Alonso to even scare Hamilton into thinking he won't get his lap in, let alone taking it off him.

        True or just a cover-up, I still firmly believe this: Alonso knew exactly what he was doing, and what it would mean for Hamilton.

    • now your just being rude and what has telling people to shut up got to do with racing?