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  • zawiah zawiah Aug 8, 2007 18:24 Flag

    Hamilton and the 'gift' of the FIA

    Alonso is alone in planet of McLaren.. All support just for Hamilton. If Senna in a place of Alonso, he will faced the same problemo...

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    • Rubbish....Alonso has caused his own problems...winging from the start..he thought he would have no competition and just couldn't take it that a rookie is beating him hands down. Think about it.. he has not said Hamilton's car is better than his has he? Yes, Ron Dennis is probably closer to Hamilton, he's known him since he was 9yrs old but Alonso has not endeared himself by keep moaning. Dennis has always said that McLaren treats both drivers the same and I tend to believe him, look how pleased he has been with Alonso when he has won a race. Alonso wants to grow up and stop throwing his dummy out.