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  • jonathan jonathan Aug 6, 2007 02:24 Flag

    Prost/Senna or Alonso/Hamilton?


    Funny how McLaren have a go at this once again: 2 pilots who are clearly too competitive to drive for the same team.
    Why would they want to create that bad karma in the paddocks i dont know...

    Dont know if you remember the war between Prost and Senna, but clearly we are not there (yet) with Alonso and Hamilton.

    Prost and Senna were far better drivers/champions in my opinion too.

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    • Agree. senna & prost are far better rather than hamilton.

    • i remember the wars between prost/senna, bad blood between team mates causes anger and makes you reckless because you try to hard to be fastest in racing and testing this type of situation cost gilles villeneuve his life in a big accident by trying to hard to be the best.
      once the mac's had the front row and shut the ferrari's out the team shuld tell the drivers, the first part of jobs done save your racing for tomorrow!! protect what we have got.

    • I agree past drivers like prost,senna,piquet,mansell or rosberg etc gave it there all and the fans loved them for it there overtaking(rarity now) said it all.
      men were men and the sport was a sport,pity times have changed.

    • I think we are missing the CLASS that came with pilots like Mansell Prost, Senna....
      Ok, i didnt really particularly like Damon Hill, thought he was a great chap, not an exciting pilot, but he gets my respect and admiration because he had talent AND class.

      The likes of Alonso and Hamilton (and we may include others in that category) are nothing but children that have an overblown ego and they fail to show the sportsmanship we expect of them. They behave like legends - while legends dont behave like that!

      Maybe there is a reason why people are not watching F-1 so much anymore. A sport is only as good as its champions!

    • i know mansell used to whinge and senna and prost collided and all the rest of it but it was racing controversy and it was men on the track

      alonso hamilton just doesnt have the same flavour does it

    • I don't disagree with you for once. Just trying to make a case for only having 1 #1. It's funny you mentioned Irvine. He actually had a good chance to win the championship that year after Michael broke his leg at Silverstone. It went down to the last race if I recall correctly.

    • great points,it was a classic era of hard men giving it there all,what more could the fans want.
      thank you !!!!

    • For me the Senna / Prost era was without doubt the highpoint of the sport..... its sunken a long way since.

      I'm really struggling to find any enthusiasm for the current lot. Anytime anyone has a poor showing it was 'the tyres didnt perform' or 'the balance wasn't right'. Bloody hell, i can remember Senna driving in the driving rain on slicks and still being competetive! The racing was much more raw and less formatted and all the better for it.

      None of the current crop are worthy of polishing Ayrton's crash helmet!

    • Lewis disobbeys team orders to be overtaken by Alonso and that isn´t a problem. Later Alonso takes advantage of the team´s (mistaken?) instructions to stall and they blame him? Rather strange.

      At the previous race Lewis was pulled back into race by a crane while 3 other drivers didn´t... It´s all a bit shady.

      Alonso is the man who made Schumi retire. He should get out of there and go to Ferrari. Beating Lewis he can handle, but beating McLaren and the FIA from within might prove too much. Even for him

    • those were the days

      also when a collision happened it wasnt up before the headmaster style racing all the time

      the fia or whoever only got involved when they had too and the sport was much the more exiting for it

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