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  • jonathan jonathan Aug 15, 2007 07:26 Flag

    Prost/Senna or Alonso/Hamilton?

    I think hamilton has shown overblown ego, and yea the media is also to blame, when they call a child a legend because he wins a race in the best car.
    He's okay with cursing over the radio to his team boss... he's okay with not obeying team orders during Q2 - very very wrong in my opinion.

    Now the same would not be said of the likes of Prost Senna etc...
    And i remember Senna flying thru the rain on slicks in monaco in the black Lotus, and he was a kid; and then they said on TV, ok this guy is showing signs of a great great driver, and eventually he became one.
    But hamilton ?? i havent seen anything yet personally, im not THAT impressed, yea he doesnt make a lot of mistakes, has a VERY reliable car, he has the most expensive simulator in the world, and has been treated like a primadonna-BABY for the past 10 yrs;
    I have yet to see another Senna or another Prost out in F1 personally