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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 6, 2007 17:25 Flag

    Hamilton: cheat of all cheats

    Traps-Hamilton has disobeyed the orders of McLaren, harming clearly the interests of his team (if they have not done the doublet in McLaren-Mercedes it's because Traps-Hamilton disobeyed these order. The just thing would be that McLaren will sanction him, like a symbolic penalty and to keep up appearances.

    And Fernando Alonso is the only pilot that has counted in all the GP's of this season.

    It should give you shame, 'guiris'.


    Team orders are against the F1 rule book so Hamilton was obeying the rules of the championship.

    Alonso is rattled by his rookie team mate. You are right in regards to Alonso scoring in every race but who is leading the Championship? Lewis Hamilton in his rookie season. You seem to hate Hamilton because he is beating your favourite driver. Let me remind you that Alonso has a less than perfect record as far as rules are concerned. In fact he had a major accident because he chose to disobey one of the most basic rules in motorsport ie failing to slow for a yellow flag ( in fact it was a full course yellow for an accident in Brazil and Alonso plowed into the accident because he did not slow for the yellows)