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  • Massa09 Massa09 Aug 7, 2007 23:36 Flag

    Hamilton: cheat of all cheats

    I didn't see anything unsporting about Hamilton this weekend. On the surface it appeared he qualified hard. Ran a mistake-free race start to finish. Mclarens qualifying strategy appeared a bit flawed though. If the orders were to specifically have Alonso go out front, why was Hamilton sent out first into the pit lane? Also, why did Alonso fall so far behind Hamilton so quickly at the start of the session? Maybe Mclaren should try to be a little less complex in their strategy and focus on getting both cars a chance at the best qualifying time. I don't see other teams having these issues. Obviously, the stewards felt that Dennis' story didn't jive with the radio communication, which is why they were given such a huge penalty. He should have just come out honestly and stated what actually happened, but instead tried to cover for Alonso's stupidity.