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  • It seems that the trouble on Saturday started out with Lewis not letting Alonso go by him at the beginning of the third session. Why would he have to go by him anyway when we all know that at the beginning of this session its a case of fuel burning so Alonso was never going to set pole.Alonso is a deseperate man who will stop at nothing to be world champion again, all i say is good for Lewis for standing up to the Spaniard and Ron, this guy is the best thing to hit F1 for years. Lewis for world Champion.

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    • Stop arguelah flyinglobster27, y dont u just accept the facts. If hamilton great driver let see what he might do...

    • OK are you still in love with m.s.and his ego? as you cannot see past it or his big head.

    • There's a bit of both.
      Schumacher only had a close title fight when he was in a second-rate car. When he had the best car, no-one could keep up, which made everyone else look average.
      My feeling about 01, 02 and 04 is frustration at the fact that the others teams didn't even seem to TRY to catch up. So I reckon there was more a void of excellent teams in those years. A bit like McLaren in 88/89, but without the internal battle for the title...

    • I agree 100%.
      many f1 fans especialy on this message boards cannot see past the glits the press gives us about schumacher when a true great are passed when drivers were harder as were the cars to drive.

    • So are you saying that a: there was a great void of excellent drivers during those years, or B: that Schumi made them all look average

      The Ferrari's were dogs when he came to race for them in the mid 90's. It was his capabilities as a driver that helped develop himself and the team into a dynasty. You couldn't say that about any of the other drivers you mentioned previously. F1 had to continually change the rules around because Michael and Ferrari were so dominant, just to try and keep things interesting.

    • Only 1 driver has beaten schumi 2 times, only 1. His name is Fernando Alonso, in a no name Renault..

      So, Clown! The teams own radio conversations convinced F1 that Hamilton was told to move over and he decided he was bigger than the team. He was taught a lesson in the pits, nothing more, but sadly he will not learn from it because he was then GIVEN a win for it..

      If the victory was so great for Hamilton his team would have been there to celebrate with him (look at the photos) - they weren't! Conclusion they did not agree with it either....