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    2008 Team Line-up Dream

    With all the F1 controversies going around this year - the spying, driver’s competition, the small winning teams and the big budgeted losing teams, who will likely or would you like to have for the 2008 team’s line-up?

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    • Well.........in a dream world I would love to see Heidfeld get a top drive - he has done brilliant in the BMW this year.

      Fisi to put his feet up and grab his slippers.

      DC - yeap he is staying at Red Bull, but think he would be great at Ferrari as a test-driver. There were rumours a year or so ago, but he wanted to race on.

      McLaren and Ferrari will stay as is.

      Big changes at Toyota - Trulli to hit the OAP que with Fisi and Ralf will probably end up somewhere further back.

      So, Heidfeld to Toyota?? OK, I know I said a top drive, but THEY would benefit!

      Honda......LOL!! Spyker........LMAO!!

      Rosberg may move up from Williams - German, so fill Heidfelds seat at BMW??

      The possabilities are endless!

    • I'd like any team except that f*****g whinging ferrari team.
      F1 would be a far happier and better sport without them.

    • He is consistant and can get points for the team ok he may never win again but points=cash and its hard being a mid-low grid team.

    • Wahey, Silly Season time!!!

      Alonso will leave - he's been told he can if he wants to. Hamilton will stay, and will be joined by... De La Rosa. Another Spaniard, but more likeable. He's been on the test team for years, has done some standing in, time to give him a full-time drive.
      Raikkonen and Massa. In that order :D
      Heidfeld and Kubica. They'll do big things next year.
      Alonso comes back, he'll be teamed up with Kovalainen. Fisichella will retire.
      Who on Earth (yes, that round thing they've got on their cars) would want to drive for them??? Apart from Button... Barrichello might move. Will we see Davidson get a "promotion"? Nakajima Jr might get the testing seat.
      RED BULL
      Webber will stay. Will Coulthard retire? Hard to say. Who would replace him? Piquet Jr (Renault tester)? One of Red Bull's ChampCar drivers perhaps?
      Vettel has been confirmed. Liuzzi won't stay, so maybe we will see Bourdais make F1 after all!
      Can't see them letting go of Rosberg. Perhaps Ralf Schumacher will rejoin them, if they don't hold on to Wurz. But honestly, the Austrian doesn't deserve to be dropped.
      Another team no-one will want to drive for. Trulli might stay, in order to insure continuity, but I can't see Schumacher making 2008 with them. Perhaps a promotion from GP2 is in order. A second chance for Pantano? Villa? Carroll?
      Aguri wouldn't be Aguri without Sato, would it? They might get Yamamoto back off Spyker, you've got to believe they want to get back to an all#$%$ line-up. Nakajima Jr, why not?
      It's impossible to tell who will drive for them next year. GP2 promotions perhaps, or ChampCar imports... But it won't be Sutil and Yamamoto. Let alone Albers and Winkelhock!!!
      Yes folks, they'll be there! Does anyone know who's related to their development program? Cos they are your likely racers. Perhaps Barrichello might take the gamble... Or will Prodrive bring in drivers from their Aston Martin squads - who said Tomas Enge?

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      • Glad to see that some people can stay away from all the girlie girl fighting going on on some of the other posts.

        I heard that Renault (can't remember who from Speed Channel's F1 team of announcers mentioned something about it) had pretty much signed Sebastian Bourdais to drive for them next year, Fisi will be gone in 2008. Renault just waiting for the right time to announce. Maybe I just dreamt all of this...Given the chance to work things out, I'd think that Alonso would want to stay with McLaren and if it's true about Bourdais then Renault doesn't have an opening...I think they've got a good thing in Kovalainen. Ferrari will remain with Kimi and Massa. If it weren't for mistakes and reliability issues things would be much much closer. I still think it's up in the air for #1 and #2 on that team, have to wait until the end of the year. BMW bringing Kubica on has been the best thing for Heidfeld and would love to see them (BMW) move up and get some wins. Next year could be a very good year! Would have loved to see Vettel drive for BMW. The Toro Rosso is a squirrely car. Honda.....need we say any more? They had better do something about their cars and fast. Wait, that's one of the problems. I think Red Bull will keep the two they have. Webber has been hurt by his car but I think they can improve it's reliability. Coulthard is still driving okay and I think he likes the fact that he's the oldest out there and can still stay in front of people. Williams should stay with Rosberg and Wurz. Ralf won't be driving for Toyota next year. If he's driving for anyone it's going to be with a huge paycut!! Trulli will probably remain. Takuma will stay with Super Aguri and I've had some fun watching him in some of the races this year. Who knows about Spyker...there was talk earlier in the season that they were having money issues, did that trickle down to their F1 team?

      • Nice post.
        Exciting to already think of the next season, cause i dont think the current season has us all very chuffed.
        Anyhoo, just my 2 cents: i can't see why Coulthard would retire. Or maybe im missing something? The guy looks excited to be there, and the team made a podium at Nurburgring...they can actually score points, after placing themselves in the top10 qualifiers many times over.

        I would hate him to leave, exciting pilot to watch.
        Remember his fly-over (over Wurz i think?) on a tight turn in one of the 1st GPs this season? bit reckless but fun nonetheless.

        I also think Alonso's going back to Renault - they seem to be getting back to their standards. Should be highly competitive next year.
        Fisi out? I think you are definitely right on this one too.