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  • Flying Lobster 27 Flying Lobster 27 Aug 8, 2007 22:29 Flag

    2008 Team Line-up Dream

    Coulthard is the same age as Schu the Elder. 40 round the corner, I believe...
    Or, if I'm wrong regarding his age, it's a generation thing. He's among the last of his generation of racers, the early- to mid-90's generation. Aside himself, there's only Barrichello left I think.
    Yes, he may stay an extra season, but I can't see him going further, for age reasons above all. Which, I agree, would be unfortunate, cos he's an exciting, clever and mature driver.
    Ok, except the "fly-over" - that's a golden comment! :D

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    • Coulthard has thrown some poor blocks this year and has pulled some major bone-head moves this year while Webber seems to have been the class of the Red Bull squad.

      I've always like Coulthard, but from what I've seen this season I think he needs to step down and call it an F1 career.

      If Gonzo Alonso leaves McLaren don't be shocked to see him with BMW. As for the possible vacant McLaren seat, I don't know.

    • I would really hate seeing Coulthard retire. Precisely because he has been an F-1 driver for over 10 years. He drove em when there was no traction control, no gear shifting paddles, etc.
      Not easy to drive the very modern F-1 cars when you come from another time and generation. Hats off to him for still doing it till this day.
      Dont know if you saw Martin Brundle get a go (only a lap) at the latest F-1 (was it a beamer or williams, forgot!), it was on ITV (i think for Nurburgring, not sure!!!) and it sounded like his gutts were stuck in his throat.
      Not long ago Prost was mentioning that as well, saying that today's pilots have a very different talent, much more acute and tuned than in his days. F-1 cars today are way more radical that 15 yrs ago, that's for sure.
      This is why i also hold people like Fisi and Barichello in very high esteem for driving different generations of cars.
      Those guys have to stay!!! or else we are left with a bunch of arrogant children blocking eachother in the pitlanes...