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  • B2a B2a Aug 10, 2007 04:05 Flag

    2008 Team Line-up Dream

    Well.........in a dream world I would love to see Heidfeld get a top drive - he has done brilliant in the BMW this year.

    Fisi to put his feet up and grab his slippers.

    DC - yeap he is staying at Red Bull, but think he would be great at Ferrari as a test-driver. There were rumours a year or so ago, but he wanted to race on.

    McLaren and Ferrari will stay as is.

    Big changes at Toyota - Trulli to hit the OAP que with Fisi and Ralf will probably end up somewhere further back.

    So, Heidfeld to Toyota?? OK, I know I said a top drive, but THEY would benefit!

    Honda......LOL!! Spyker........LMAO!!

    Rosberg may move up from Williams - German, so fill Heidfelds seat at BMW??

    The possabilities are endless!

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