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  • Scratch Scratch Aug 9, 2007 22:56 Flag

    Mansell on Button

    Button whinge, your kidding. If button was a whinger he would probably get something done. Barrichello won't whinge to the team, he's too soft. And so is button.

    Button only won in Hungry last year because tyre strategy went his way, whereas everyone else fell by the wayside.
    You could say it's the one and only time Button has got something right.

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    • Button is the prime example of the whining athlete.
      His moaning and whining is unbearable. Always negative comments about the car, the team, i wonder how they feel back at the factory when they hear what he says about their work.
      Sen him back to Formula Ford, he would have the same results. Not one podium in 20 races. He's a #$%$ and blames the team for it. In england they marveled at his win when there was noone left on the track to compete.
      Absolute rubbish. Take him out. It's precisely because of pilots like him that F-1 is not interesting to other people. No excitement no entertainment value...get outta here!

    • Actually its a shame as Honda have the money and the expertise to be a good team and that would be great for F1 - but in Button and Ruby they have two journeymen who have no idea how to develop a racing car.

      Barrichello was great at Ferrari - but someone should have told him his results only reflected the work MS was doing with the car before he thought it was time to step out of HIS shadow and has now returned to the mediocre standards of his pre-Ferrari days.

      Same can be said of Toyota - someone please tell Ralf that he is no where near the talent his brother has.