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  • Damian Damian Aug 21, 2007 00:00 Flag

    Mansell on Button

    Just watched the highlights of the 1991 season (which i can still just about remember!)......Now this was REAL F1 racing, Senna and Mansell going at it with no quarter given. Though i really admire Nigel Mansell and agree he was a great racer, he was simply not as talented as Moss, Stewart, Jim Clark and the like. He had the heart of a lion, but F1 has moved on and drivers like Mansell wouldnt have much impact today. F1 today rewards consistency rather than brilliance and the cars simply cant be manhandles like the 'good old days'.

    By the way GT, I am also Welsh, and as you know that means we are Celtic. Celts orignally spread right across Europe, especially the areas now Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia (where there is a beer called Celt!) but were driven further and further West over time. Therefore, to say you are not european is a little narrow minded.....but hey, i dont want to get in an argument over it!

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    • yes narrow minded but depends on how u take the european branding, apasrt form the fact i was born in wales so am welsh in my mind, bloodline is different

      anyways memorable mansell moment of 1991 has to be barcelona with senna sparks flying, and i do agree he didnt have the talent of the other great brits but he had raw determined passion and wasnt afraid to turn round and say it was rubbish when it was rather than corporate speak

      driving style yes the cars are too honed, lets strip off the technology and make them more rugged and make the teams and manufacturers start again by finding new systems and methods, clevere engineering rather than throwing money at a soloution