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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 10, 2007 03:02 Flag

    I'm getting sick of these three week breaks

    I think the teams need a mid-season break so that they can spend some time with their families. Remember that the team members are human and can and do get tired. All championships have a bit of a break during the season. The BTCC is in its mid-season break at the moment. NASCAR has two or three breaks in their marathon season in their two main series.

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    • the reason the 3 week break is in place is for the team members who go racing as they are so constantly on the go

      the truckies are away for 6, 7 days easily over a race weekend before snatching a few hours at the factory and home then on to the next race track

      the 3 weeks are welcome and i dont begrudge any of the team members a break

      the only thing it does for me is mean i have 3 weekends of planned work :(