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    Could schumacher have cut it against a era of drivers that included mansell,piquet,prost,lauda,rosberg,berger,senna in the days when team orders were hardly ever used and cars were far harder to drive and had no driver aids.
    What do you think ?

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    • Yes i think he could cut it but would he have won 7 titles against harder drivers than his era.... NO I DONT THINK HE WOULD HAVE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP BECAUSE THE STANDARD WAS SO HIGH

    • U can watch videos online, where schumi drives vs senna vs prost, back then its Briatore than gave him his chance for benetton. U can see there that he could hold his own against serious pilots like senna prost mansell. Was it 1991? sure someone on this board knows exactly.
      He is a driver who drove a few generations of different cars...back when there were no paddles to gear-shift..no traction control, no computers...
      So yea he could hold his own although his car was far inferior to senna's or prost's.

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      • I remember that period and the periods before and since.

        The Benetton that Schumacher drove was in fact illegal. Points were deducted. The car was powered by a Ford engine that was useless. The benetton had illegal traction control that was switched on during the race. It was proved that Benetton were using covert software.

        He did not win his first title by skill alone. Schumacher was a very good driver, but there are always good drivers in Formula one. The car is what makes the difference.

      • Schumacher made his debut in 1991 for Jordan, raced once for them then went to Benetton. So he raced against some legends such as Mansell, Prost, Senna etc...
        In fact, Nelson Piquet was one of his first teammates. He won his first race in 1992 - Mansell was champ that year. His form grew in 1993 - Prost was champ that year. His first title came in 1994 - and Senna had claimed three poles in the first three races of the season, failed to finish the first two, and the worst happened while he was leading the third.
        However, it was in the 90s that driver aids began to appear. So, sadly, he never really raced those men in the brutal sort of cars from the mid-80s. You can't really compare Schumacher and the legends before him in their time, nor can you really speculate what they may have done in our era, but there is a sort of transition period, between 1991 and 1994, that indicates that Schumacher could have put up a good fight.