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  • Massa09 Massa09 Aug 24, 2007 00:28 Flag

    You can add DC to the list of idiots!

    Coulthardt stated that Ferrari deliberatly miscalculated Massa's qualifying fuel to give Kimi a better shot at the championship. This guy's been a #$%$ since day 1 including his deliberate move to take Michael out of a race years ago by slowing down on the racing line instead of moving over in poor visability conditions. Typical British logic. Don't move to fast DC, Ron's member is apparently still lodged in your anal cavity.

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    • Time to go for DC? Well, he's had a good run but let's face it; he was never going to be a world champion.
      It's time to stop sniffing the fumes from the re-fueling rig, they do get to you after a few years.....
      Remember, engage brain before opening gob....(thanks for the quote)
      Move over (sic) and give someone else a chance....

    • I'm not the only one who thinks DC slowed down or tapped his brakes

    • but the truth is how can a team as bif as ferrari miss to put fuel in massa's car???

    • I 'hated' DC following that stunt he pulled on MS at Spa in the rain - slowed on the racing-line, in the rain - MS and he himself could have been seriously hurt, or worse.

      Anyway, he moved to Red Bull and actually I started to like the guy, seemed to have chilled out and lost that McLaren-autonomy. But these comments are just plain stupid - BOTH Ferrari drivers are in need of good points finishes, for the team if nothing else and BOTH of them are more than capable of taking a World Championship.

      DC - Keep your rediculous ideas to yourself and your book - which you are sure to write when you retire!

      Yes, it was a MASSIVE mistake and un-forgivable - right up there with the 'missing wheel' pit-stop for Irvine back in '99. Mind you that did stop him taking the Championship in MS's absence.........hmmm, so maybe DC has a point??

      Na - thats just stupid!