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  • Flying Lobster 27 Flying Lobster 27 Aug 24, 2007 23:50 Flag

    McLaren Punishment Appeal - 2007/2008 -redux

    More to the point, Bob, the McLaren MP4/21 rarely finished a race! Let alone win one!
    And here we are in 2007, arguably the unluckiest man in the paddock has left the Woking-based team, and has been replaced by Alonso. And, behold, a miracle: The MP4/22 went 6 or 7 races before encountering its first technical problem! After three races, my eyebrows had risen above my lounge's ceiling!

    However, I'd be more inclined to turn the TV off if McLaren WERE banned. Cos it's unfair on the whole team, when clearly only one man acted independently.
    It's a sad tradition now that once a championship becomes interesting, politics spoil it. This tradition dates back to 1982. It's a long and tragic story which I won't tell now. All the F1 racing fans out there probably know it anyway.

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    • "A suggestion has been made to Dennis that should he opt to retire, then all of his team's problems relating to the spy furore would disappear......believe it Now!"

      So its just "a sugestion"? Any clue where did this genious "suggestion" come from?

      Lets get some facts strait: This is not a Fia vs McLaren dispute, this is Ferrari vs Mclaren as far as i know(correct me if i`m wrong pls, maybe i`ve missed some major info about this case)

      As such(Ferrari vs McLaren), do you really think Ferrari would drop their case against McLaren if Ron Dennis promisses to retire at the end of this season? I doubt. So all the people that say that this is all about FIA wanting to get rid of Ron Dennis doesnt make any sense to me.

      If you really believe that "suggestion" you might as well believe this scenario as to what might happen in the future:
      13-09-2007:Mclaren is found guilty(rightly so) but this time is also handed a punishment... expelled from F1.
      March 2008: The new F1 season begins... upps there a new team called McLadren in the grid... ohh hold on, i think i know that guy, he looks like...(name comes up on screen) Don Rennis... nevermind, its not what i thought it was.

      Anyway, back on topic... I think FIA should just deduct to McLaren some constructors points from this seasons championship, but FIA should not touch driver`s points. Thats my opinion.

      (to whoever thinks that FIA is pro-Ferrari) Even tho McLaren might deserve to be expelled from F1 for a year, that will never happen. Do you guys have any clue how much revenue in general FIA would lose if McLaren is banned for 1 season? Personally i dont, all i can say is that we`re talking about millions of £.

      (to whoever thinks that FIA is pro-Ferrari) from 2002 up to 2005 FIA kept changing rules and car regulations like never before season after season with the only porpose to STOP FERRARI`s DOMINATION in F1(because F1 was becaming too boring with MS winning every race) untill they finally achieved it. Its a fact.

    • If any punishment takes place It will probably be no more than the FIA taking a certain amount of points away to still give Hamilton and Gonzo a chance at taking the title lead back again. They'll probably erase all team points from McLaren, but I highly doubt they'll punish the drivers too much. That's IF they are found to be guilty.

      I am a Ferrari fan, but I believe that unless the evidence is guilt proven without a shadow of a doubt then McLaren can't be punished.

    • You are absolutely correct. If the championship is decided in a quasi court of law, it makes a mockery of the 'sport'. Let's face it, Ferrari are by no means squeaky clean, and they are bad losers. Note Luca di Montezemolo's recent comment that Ferrari "deserve to win" (made at the Frankfurt Auto Show). Doesn't that sum up their attitude to the whole affair ? Even one of their former drivers admitted that Ferrari had hacked into other teams radio conversations - surely that isn't permitted in the rule book, but don't forget it was Ferrari that did it, so no doubt the FIA turned a blind eye.

    • We all know that Ferrari have 'friends in high places' at the FIA, and that they will do ANYTHING to win - in a court of law even if they can't on the track - but the actions of one rogue employee of McClaren, plus a dissillusioned one of their own, are being used by Ferrari to RUIN the championship for this year and even possibly for next year too. If the FIA rules in favour of the 'bad losers', I for one (along with many others, I suspect) will cease watching Formula 1. I want to watch motor racing, not courtroom battles. Such a ruling would be an unmittigated disaster for the sport, but I dare say that the guys in Paris don't care about that so long as they keep their Italian buddies happy, and provide them with the most hollow championship win in the history of the sport. This year has been, so far, the most fascinating championship battle that I can remember, so I just hope that sanity will prevail over the desire to pander to vested interests, and not cause Formula 1 to become a thoroughly second rate sport. Is this too much to hope ?

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      • Typical Brit backing a cheating outfit. The champioship was ruined when McLaren took possession of the documents, not when Ferrari took them to court. Also, Ferrari aren't the only team accusing McLaren of using the data. Interesting that we see McLaren threatening to drag Renault into the mix by threatening to spill some dirt to the FIA. 'Bad Losers'? Ferrari didn't do anything the past two years that Renault won the championship. Again, if Ferrari had been found with McLaren's technical documents, do you not think Dennis would do the same to them? Would that make him a poor loser? It's justice jackass. Go watch some other form of motor racing. No one here will miss you.

      • Just a hypothetical question for you.

        Ferrari can't win a race during the season but McLaren is doing okay for themselves. Next season, Ferrari is contending for every win, their drivers are one / two in the drivers championship and are leading the constructor's championship. A month and a half go by at the beginning of the season and Ferrari is found out to have some 780 pages of design drawings and documents belonging to McLaren. What do you do if you're Ron Dennis? Exactly the same damn thing! Don't tell me anything different, because if you do you'd be a liar.

        My opinion as of right now is that it is up to McLaren to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had nothing to do with a "rogue" employee and the spy scandal. As of now, Mike Coughlan is only suspended. What the F$#K is that about? Why on God's Green Earth has he not been fired? as Nigel Stepney was with Ferrari? Explain that one off.

        Yes, this has been a blight on the sport this year. I think that pretty much everyone would agree on that, but it needs to be followed through and steps put into place so that this doesn't happen again regardless of the teams involved!