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  • jonathan jonathan Aug 25, 2007 00:21 Flag

    McLaren Punishment Appeal - 2007/2008 -redux

    Hi there Bob

    You summed it all up, for me, and thank you for that.

    if you look closely, you are not the only one on here that feels this way. Some of my posts and others point it out, and i copy/pasted the statement from briatore, which for me, says it all. He said how much he wished he had the tech specs of Ferrari, adapted to Bridgestone for over the past decade! Renault would certainly not be performing so badly had they possessed those documents, even the tiniest details.

    The FIA won't punish McLaren because it would really mean that F-1 is not a fair sport but a bunch of teams spying on eachother for technolgy improvements... It would be like admitting that its ridden with scumbags...
    What hurts is that Ferrari is the victim of a huge fraud here but because of its past with Schumi, the Scuderia will always be seen as a bunch of cheats by thousands of fans, talk about reversed roles! So i doubt that the FIA would do something so un-popular as to remove McLaren out of the season...
    And the FIA sees in Hamilton a sort of "rebirth"...they have been waiting for a new Senna for years, and now they have it. You think they'll strip him of his crown? i wish it but i doubt it.

    I told my friends i would stop watching it altogether if they didnt dismiss McLaren out of the competition altogether. But i have faith in what happens on the tracks, and i take a lot of Joy in seeing those "nasty red cars" breathing down Ron Dennis' neck right now... And how did McLaren know about the new chassis of the Ferrari car when they compleined about it after Adelaide??? They knew more than the FIA stewards who cleared the car for the race (before, during and after the race by the way). You cannot know that kind of info from the photographs that teams usually take of their opponents' cars. There is simply and absolutely noway to know without having very detailed info on that chassis...so they call Ferrari cheats when the only way for them to do that was to cheat in the first place....

    I will simply add this, i live in the UK, and over here, absolutely noone shares the same point of view as you or me, because they've been dreaming of this for so long, they FINALLY have a sportsman they can be proud of....regardless of the fact that McLaren should be out of the competition by all means...people still believe Ron Dennis is a honest and clean man devoid of any bad inclination...so clean he never opened those technical specifications ever!!!

    I was never particularly a Ferrari "fan", before all this i couldnt really care less, i just always had a lot of admiration for jean Todt, who i see as a legendary personality of motor sports in general. But this whole saga is too much for me, and right now all im hoping is that Ferrari will give McLaren a nice trashing on the tracks... Actually i hope even Toyota, Honda, Red Bull, STR and even Spyker performs better!
    Also, we rarely saw drivers as arrogant as the McLaren pair. I dont wish them any good either. But thats a whole different topic!