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  • hornyb66 hornyb66 Sep 10, 2007 09:21 Flag

    McLaren Punishment Appeal - 2007/2008 -redux

    I think your all missing the point. It was two guys - one from ferrari and one from mcclaren trying to sell THEIR services to HONDA that started this whole think off. People move from team to team and take info with them all the time, do you think Kimi has kept quiet about his time at mcclaren - HELL NO. Also the info is on LAST YEARS ferrari not this years. Also has everybody forgotten that ferrari run an illegal car in the first race this season but got no punishment cause they changed the car and says it came about as the way they interpreted the FIA's rules. Also like Bernie said at Monza if this was ferrari verses spyka or one of the smaller teams you wouldnt be hearing so much about it but cause its their main rivals it gets blown out of proportion.

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