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  • Ted Ted Sep 11, 2007 16:07 Flag

    McLaren Punishment Appeal - 2007/2008 -redux

    Didn't McLaren use Bridgestone tyres before switching to Michelin because Bridgestone was putting more emphasis on supporting Ferrari -- e.g. have engineers working at the Ferrari factory? (Hmm, I wonder if those Bridgestone engineers gave away McLaren secrets?)

    Does anyone know how Ferrari found out about this information transfer? The press said Nigel Stepney claimed he was followed by Ferrari people so he would be damn stupid to do it in front of these people.

    If McLaren was accused of cheating because Mike Coughlan worked for McLaren at the time when the Ferrari information was discovered, and Nigel Stepney was working for Ferrari at that same time, shouldn't Ferrari be equally responsible for transferring the information to McLaren then?

    Bruce and Enzo, hope you rest in peace.