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  • IronMaiden_RuLeZ IronMaiden_RuLeZ Sep 13, 2007 01:02 Flag

    McLaren Punishment Appeal - 2007/2008 -redux

    "Ferrari was found and proven to have won the first race this season with an illegal car they got NO POINTS DEDUCTION OR FINE"
    Now thats a sensational news... we better find a way to notify Ron Dennis about this.. ahh wait he already knows about it, all the other teams know about it.
    But guess what only McLaren complained about it.

    Dont you find it strange that teams like BMW, Renault, Williams-Toyota and Toyota(who were approached and notified in details from McLaren about Ferrari`s "illegality") who would have gained 1 or 2 points more if Ferrari was disqualified from that race never logged a complaint???

    Or are you suggesting that BMW, Renault, Williams-Toyota and Toyota would be happy to let go few constructors points(and therefore a good amount of money) because they are all pro-Ferrari as well as FIA? Guess not, especially when you concide that "at least 90% of teams think ferrari get special treatment from the stewards and the fia".

    As for "when the car manufacture teams proposed a breakaway only ferrari obstained"... sorry, I dont get this point!!! How does the fact that Ferrari opposed/obstained to something put forward by (all?) the other teams proves or indicates that FIA is pro-Ferrari??? As far as i know, there are some kind of decisions in F1 which can not go through if a unanimous consent has not been reached.. which means if a team decides to obstain, the change doesnt get through... be it Ferrari, McLaren, RedBull or whatever.