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  • jo-anne jo-anne Aug 29, 2007 13:51 Flag

    Another Boring Procession

    well,to make it more exciting why don't they remove the traction control system and that way well find out who is the best driver...

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    • Traction control is out next season anyway. They should get rid of launch control as well, and get rid of power steering, drivers have it too easy nowadays. Id like to see slicks back too, (THOUGH I DOUBT THAT ONE WILL EVER HAPPEN).

      There are lots of things they could do without, but the one thing that springs to mind to get rid of first. Bernie farking eccelstone.

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      • Get rid of that short arsed #$%$ Eccelston, he is only a Ferrari mouth piece and a curse to F1 and the sport would be better off without him and Mosley.

      • i rejoiced at traction control going and launch control shud go as well, lets see drivers spinning wheels and losing and gaining places. At the moment the start is who has the best software, not who engages gear, keeps the clutch and throttle perfect for a clean getaway

        on the aero side lets reduce to one plane fixed front and rear with a second moveable plane for aero adjustment

        ban the little winglets and other aero devives and make them really work for there money

        formula one is meant to be the cutting edge so lets see new technolgies developed and not keep developing ones that exist