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    Hamilton and the Press...........


    Oh what a shame, Lewis might have to leave the UK as the Press are hounding him!

    Nothing to do with all his money and tax breaks then?

    Come on Lewis, time to grow up and realise you are now a sporting superstar..........history is littered with the British press raising our young stars onto peddestals only to pull them down again - and you are no different...........making childish statements that you will leave the UK unless they stop isn't going to make a difference!! Lets face it neither DC nor Button live here anymore either..........!

    Yes he is good, before all you 'I've supported him all my life' fans jump down my throat - but i get tired of watching him on TV.....all through the race, Hamilton this and Hamilton that.........then commercials he's there again.........we even have him on the side of buses here!!

    I am a HUGE Ferrari fan - but admit that realistically it is between the two McLaren drivers this year - I am throwing my hat into Fernandos camp....then watching him run back to Renault with the Number One, just to #$%$ RD off!!

    Just couldn't take all the hype of Hamilton being World Champion on his first attempt - OK, he will be sooner rather than later - God help us when Sports Personality comes around!

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    • Quote....
      I am sure you can make the difference between bringing new techy developments to a car, bringing it at the limits of what legal and illegal is.

      Precisely. That is why BAR were punished for cheating.
      That is why Ferrari have changed the design of their floor. It wasn't within the confines of the rules, but it didn't stop them from using it in Australia.
      Would they, Cheaterrari, have chosen to replace the flooring if it weren't for the fact that they were running an illegal car and the knowledge was known by another constructor?
      Not a chance in hell.
      Until today, sometime after 1400 BST, everything that has been written about McLaren in relation to the so-called espionage situation is purely summation and hearsay, yet you are asking for them to be ejected from F1 and calling them a disgrace.
      How can that be of any sence when A)....McLaren didn't actually go seeking the 'leaked' information, and B)....haven't benefitted from the dossier in any shape or form.
      (According to the enquiry that took place previously to today's hearing)
      Condemning McLaren to the outer regions of Baghdad for something that the team were not actively seeking (the dossier) but received from a rogue employee of Ferrari, is, or atleast, imo, not McLaren's fault.
      Let's, as Sir David Frost would say, look at the clues.
      Ferrari using a rule breaking floor.
      Ferrari using, at the time, a flexi wing that was forbidden.
      Ferrari having an illegal link to radio transmissions between pit wall and driver's of other teams prior to 2004.
      The list goes on and on of Ferrari's past cheating exploits and is very well documented, yet they are still in F1.
      They are the biggest disgrace in F1, yet because of the blood tied affiliation between Ferrari and the FIA, and the backing of the Poison Dwarf Ecclestone, they are shouting the loudest when it goes all wrong.
      If you wish to use the word's disgrace and booted out of F1 in a sentence, then maybe the words should also be preceeded by the word Ferrari.

    • "McLaren is a better car than the Ferrari. IF they had details of the 2007 car they read them better than Ferrari did!!"

      You are right in all points but i have to say this one is Gold! lol

    • They would still win mate - that McLaren is a better car than the Ferrari. IF they had details of the 2007 car they read them better than Ferrari did!!

      As for the drivers? Well, difficult shout - depends IF there is any evidence they knew what was going on. Rumours abound that Alonso and De La Rosa are named in e-mails as knowing - of course Lewis 'I'm a b****y Angel' Hamilton isnt! BUT then again they have benefited from all this............so who knows what is for the best.

      At the end of the day - Hamilton wins, all his 'supporters' will think he's God, all the ITV F1 crew will faint with pleasure and the BBC will give him the Sports Personality Award - as if anyone working at McLaren has any personality! BUT the true F1 fan will know he won in a car built by cheats and the whole season has been tainted and soured.................if I was Hamiton, I'd back off and let Alonso take it......start again next year when the whole thing has died down and maybe got some respectability back................oh but then maybe that will take more years than i've got patience to watch and wait!

    • Right B2a...! He says a lot of blabber too that all that he and his team had done - referring to their victories surely - would all be taken away; that he'd be jobless; that RD had been so loyal to him; that he hates what Ferrari had put his team through; and, that he loves and blindly believes RD! Wowww!
      Obviously, Hamilton could still not get it or fails to grasp the true implication and permanent damage that the charges leveled against his team has done to the world sport, the fans all over, the viewing public and the sponsors who shell out huge money to Formula1 teams.

      In other words, a simple breath of suspicion and perception by the public and the fans all over the globe that his team had benefited or taken undue advantage over a rival team by having in its possession technical data of Ferrari should already gut Hamilton. You can swear to high Heavens that you are pure and sinless...but your TEAM IS NOT. 'All that you and your team have done'...remember that what your team has you also benefited from them. But since the 'perception' - regardless of your protestation of innocence -of the public is that the 'fruit' that your team had taken and gave you it had first taken from a 'poisoned tree', do you think you deserve accolades for making the fruit a cleansed and holy one? Im sorry for Hamilton, your victory - assuming you win the driver's title - will forever be tainted with cheating and fraud regardless of how you made it look so easy or clean.

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      • Well this is being covered in another thread - but your right, this whole Hamilton-year is turning sour and hopefully the FIA will throw the book at McLaren on Thursday - BUT F1 needs to be protected as much as possible.

        Deduct ALL McLarens constructors points and take enough points off the drivers to ensure they can't be World Champions........BUT then I would rather the two titles be null and void - I am a Ferrari fan and want to see them win on the track and not in the Courts.

    • I agree. After watching monza all the commentary is pro hamilton and nothing about any other drivers out there, i think he's done an excellent job and will be world champ sooner or later but i tire of all the hamilton hype and nothing about who else is racing. I also notice Jenson doesn't hardly get a mention these days or how well davidson is doing in a less competetive car.

    • Want to be a driver in F1? Grow up. Quit being a spoiled brat. Let your driving skills do the talking... And last, but not least... Get used to the press. You chose the career.

      Lewis is a very talented driver.

      If McLaren gets no penalty for having engineers who work on the car with the Ferrari spec book in their back pocket then something is seriously wrong in F1. It starts with "B" and ends with "ernie".

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      • i agree..i think,no i believe he is just being childish or dumbed for thinking that the press wont be flocking around him when he says no...then maybe if he doesnt want those people around he shouldnt have started winning races in the first places..he should have stayed behind alonso's shadow....and regarding "b" and "ernie",you're right about it...i started watching F1 on tv when i was just 14..and damn i enjoyed it..but now,it's really boring if you watch it early..as you say it's all Hamilton...and what if the situation of ferrari and mclaren is reversed..how would the mclaren feel if ferrari go unpunished...

    • I fully agree with your post
      I dont watch the hyped-up bull**** before the race, and i dont even put the sound on most of the time, i also start watching it a bit later so i can skip thru the advertising #$%$ they throw at us, while the race is still underway,

      Ive been wanting to go watch the race in a cinema (some places do it in the UK) but i dont see myself sitting in a room thats cheering for Lewis for 3 hours straight.

      And i think that if u put Fisichella or Coulthard in a McLaren car they would also do podiums every weekend...and if McLaren didnt have 800 pages about their main competitor's car (who happens to have the most competitive car btw), they would be racing for points alongside Renault.
      So it's all flawed, it's a season all full of ****, full of the media attention on a child that has a real gift for driving but not so different from the gift all the other pilots have (praise the Lord, the britts finally have a tiger woods???), full of bias for what i believe is a team full of cheats and whiners...

      If you watch ITV, there are only about 5 or 6 cars starting each race in the season...the rest is irrelevant.
      Oh and the newspapers didnt bother with one single article about Instanbul park....guess why huh? poor kid doesnt want media attention! oh and alonso steals the podium of course.

      If McLaren is not docked points then this whole season is the proof that F-1 is going down the drain. And it's a real shame for something that gave us a good number of heroes and entertaining fights.