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  • sid sid Sep 13, 2007 06:34 Flag

    Hamilton and the Press...........


    "And anyway McLaren is a disgrace to the sport. They should be banned for 2008, and denied their trophies of 2007... anything else, and you can say F-1 is dead."

    Arse starts with 'a', elbow starts with 'e'. Unfortunately, your so bloody stupid you wouldn't know the difference.
    Disgrace to the sport? Why?

    If you want to talk disgrace, maybe the once named BAR should have had their arses kicked out of F1 for cheating with a hidden fuel tank, or Renault for using computer controlled TC, or Ferrari for using flexi wings (which, if you were to believe what the FIA stated at the time, was legal, which kind of contradicts their actual ruling in the F1 rule book). Blatant cheating, but after a reprimand and a 'sit out' by Button, all was well and the fuel tank saga was forgotten about. Renault became masters of computer software self destruction, and Ferrari......well, they are the FIA, so anything they do wrong gets brought in as a new 'allowable' condition/option. Go figure.
    McLaren are at most, or until proof shows otherwise, guilty of not contacting the FIA immediately when finding that Mike Coughlan was in receipt of technical data given to him by Stepney.
    Consider that a FULL TRUTH.

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    • Quote ...
      #$%$ starts with 'a', elbow starts with 'e'. Unfortunately, your so bloody stupid you wouldn't know the difference.

      whatever... i think u didnt need that to make your point but hey, its a free world

      I am sure you can make the difference between bringing new techy developments to a car, bringing it at the limits of what legal and illegal is, that is why the rules are re-written all season long, and that is why F-1 is majorly technology driven.
      And that is precisely why, possessing technical details about your opponents car, keeping it to yourself, not alerting the FIA as you said, is as disgraceful as having a hidden tank in your car...i dont give a flying F if they used any of that big bag of information while designing their present car.... i hope they wouldnt be as crazy as actually replicating ferrari designs on their newer models. But the fact that they kept it to themselves makes them look as bad as any of your examples, theyre covering their #$%$ by firing Coughlan,and now they want to drag renault in it, and it's really really sad.
      Its like a kid caught stealing in a shop but he cries that he has a friend who also stole from there before...it's unbearable. Right now, yeah they are a disgrace.