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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 30, 2007 23:33 Flag

    Hamilton and the Press...........

    Want to be a driver in F1? Grow up. Quit being a spoiled brat. Let your driving skills do the talking... And last, but not least... Get used to the press. You chose the career.

    Lewis is a very talented driver.

    If McLaren gets no penalty for having engineers who work on the car with the Ferrari spec book in their back pocket then something is seriously wrong in F1. It starts with "B" and ends with "ernie".

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    • i agree..i think,no i believe he is just being childish or dumbed for thinking that the press wont be flocking around him when he says no...then maybe if he doesnt want those people around he shouldnt have started winning races in the first places..he should have stayed behind alonso's shadow....and regarding "b" and "ernie",you're right about it...i started watching F1 on tv when i was just 14..and damn i enjoyed it..but now,it's really boring if you watch it early..as you say it's all Hamilton...and what if the situation of ferrari and mclaren is reversed..how would the mclaren feel if ferrari go unpunished...

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      • I would really like to see him in a spyker car, trying to qualify in the top 10.... i really doubt that he would.

        F-1 is all about cars performances now... nothing to do with pilots.

        Someone put a post in another thread that i really liked:
        Give them all the SAME car, with the SAME tyres, and have them race like that. I can assure you that Lewis wouldnt be doing as good as today. He certainly wouldnt top the drivers championship.
        And anyway McLaren is a disgrace to the sport. They should be banned for 2008, and denied their trophies of 2007... anything else, and you can say F-1 is dead.