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  • Crow@45 Crow@45 Sep 11, 2007 21:48 Flag

    Hamilton and the Press...........

    Right B2a...! He says a lot of blabber too that all that he and his team had done - referring to their victories surely - would all be taken away; that he'd be jobless; that RD had been so loyal to him; that he hates what Ferrari had put his team through; and, that he loves and blindly believes RD! Wowww!
    Obviously, Hamilton could still not get it or fails to grasp the true implication and permanent damage that the charges leveled against his team has done to the world sport, the fans all over, the viewing public and the sponsors who shell out huge money to Formula1 teams.

    In other words, a simple breath of suspicion and perception by the public and the fans all over the globe that his team had benefited or taken undue advantage over a rival team by having in its possession technical data of Ferrari should already gut Hamilton. You can swear to high Heavens that you are pure and sinless...but your TEAM IS NOT. 'All that you and your team have done'...remember that what your team has you also benefited from them. But since the 'perception' - regardless of your protestation of innocence -of the public is that the 'fruit' that your team had taken and gave you it had first taken from a 'poisoned tree', do you think you deserve accolades for making the fruit a cleansed and holy one? Im sorry for Hamilton, your victory - assuming you win the driver's title - will forever be tainted with cheating and fraud regardless of how you made it look so easy or clean.

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    • Well this is being covered in another thread - but your right, this whole Hamilton-year is turning sour and hopefully the FIA will throw the book at McLaren on Thursday - BUT F1 needs to be protected as much as possible.

      Deduct ALL McLarens constructors points and take enough points off the drivers to ensure they can't be World Champions........BUT then I would rather the two titles be null and void - I am a Ferrari fan and want to see them win on the track and not in the Courts.

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      • I'll tell u what, if ,and only if, Laren is found to be truly guilty, make this season Null and VOID....They can take Laren out next year or let them start with a sort of penalty (like in italian football) ...But no matter how much i would have liked Ferrari to win this season it would be unfair to give them the title...unfair to Alonso and Hamilton...dont make anyone the champ this year.... do it next year, fair and square.

        It should be done on the tracks, not at some hearing....i would be very unpleased with Ferrari winning the season in such an ugly way. No matter how much i like them.