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  • B2a B2a Sep 13, 2007 02:28 Flag

    Hamilton and the Press...........

    They would still win mate - that McLaren is a better car than the Ferrari. IF they had details of the 2007 car they read them better than Ferrari did!!

    As for the drivers? Well, difficult shout - depends IF there is any evidence they knew what was going on. Rumours abound that Alonso and De La Rosa are named in e-mails as knowing - of course Lewis 'I'm a b****y Angel' Hamilton isnt! BUT then again they have benefited from all this............so who knows what is for the best.

    At the end of the day - Hamilton wins, all his 'supporters' will think he's God, all the ITV F1 crew will faint with pleasure and the BBC will give him the Sports Personality Award - as if anyone working at McLaren has any personality! BUT the true F1 fan will know he won in a car built by cheats and the whole season has been tainted and soured.................if I was Hamiton, I'd back off and let Alonso take it......start again next year when the whole thing has died down and maybe got some respectability back................oh but then maybe that will take more years than i've got patience to watch and wait!