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  • racemarshall1,

    The FIA rules are quite gray, meaning that they could be interpreted in different ways, main players of the Formula 1 like Jean Todt, Briatore and Ron Denis have complained several times about this fact, even the veteran David Coulthard have done so in his column in ITV.

    Now coming to the gray rules, the article 19 describes the changes of drivers (in a way....)
    19.1 a) During a season each team will be permitted to use four drivers. Changes may be made at any time before the start of the qualifying practice session provided any change proposed after 16.00 on the day of scrutineering receives the consent of the stewards.
    Additional changes for reasons of force majeure will be considered separately.
    Any new driver may score points in the Championship.
    As you can see is quite gray, because it is not talking about new players, nor current ones. So, in the case that Lewis Hamilton is seduced by Ferrari as an example and he jumps (which I see quite unlikely, I explain later), the FIA most probable will not object it according to the article 19.1, thus, Ferrari needs to get rid off of one its drivers, Kimi, Felipe, Luca or Marc, being Luca and Marc the current test drivers and put Lewis to drive, period. Now regarding the points the next question you may ask is:

    Will Lewis Hamilton keep his points if he changes of team?

    The answer is yes, but it is gray too, there is not any article that says he can't, but there is not any article in the FIA regulations that state he may retain them:

    Article 6: The Formula One World Championship driver's title will be awarded to the driver who has scored the highest number of points, taking into consideration all the results obtained during the Events which have actually taken place.

    As you can see the article does not mention any team, therefore in theory Lewis will keep his points, so it will McLaren the points achieved by Lewis with the McLaren car.

    Now I will tell you why I see that unlikely to happen:
    The contract. Lewis Hamilton is a high tech weapon created by McLaren since he was a kid, the boy is a machine and a huge investment, therefore, McLaren for sure designed a contract for him that most probably is almost impossible to break without incurring in a huge amount of money expending, and when I say huge I mean ridiculously huge, therefore I really doubt that any team will dear (neither the almighty hyper high budgeted Ferrari) to acquire him before his contract ends. McLaren is quite an expert on such contracts, Fernando Alonso is in a similar situation and he is far from being a high tech weapon created by McLaren as you know, he is more an internal asset required but problematic for the team and the team knew it in advance and even thought McLaren have a bullet probe contract with him.

    Coming back to Lewis Hamilton, under what reason he would like to live McLaren Mercedes? It is his family, it is home for him, that will be a quite weird move. I know money talks, but in his case it is quite different, for me is a really interesting case of study, it never happened before in F1. Time will say.


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    • 19.1 covers racing only, a team can use as many test drivers as it likes through the season, but only four drivers are allowed to race for a team within a campaign

      article 6, the point of note is 'taking into consideration all the results obtained during the Events which have actually taken place' as this covers two evetualities

      the event of a race either being halted before points can be awarded (covered in another article) or not being run at all

      the second eventuality is that in the event of a tie in points after the championship rounds that the driver with the most wins will be crowned champion, and if the number of race wins is equal then second places and so on

      the event of a race either being halted before points can be awarded (covered in another article) or not being run at all

      a drivers tally is his tally regardless of how many teams he drives for

      and a teams tally is the combination of the drivers scores per race regardless of which driver scores the points