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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 2, 2007 02:00 Flag

    Will ferrari catch McLaren?

    Well, I will say that will depends on the FIA decision on the 13th of September, once the decision on the appeal is done. Every ones believes that the FIA will not punish McLaren at all, others think that the FIA will punish McLaren with points in the construction and drivers, others (dreamers) believes that McLaren will be disqualified from the WC.

    Now, most of the so called "believers" think that it will be a points reduction, which could be around half of the points. Time will say.

    IMO, that is the only rational way that Ferrari will catch up with McLaren considering the difference, the rest lays in a turn of the reliability of the McLaren, which has been quite good this year, but that is something unlikely.

    In a rational scenario and 5 races to go, we may see them reducing the distance by a mere of a single digit number by the end of the season.


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