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    "Ferrari deserve to win the Formula One constructors' title even if victory comes as a result of McLaren being punished in a spying scandal, according to the Italian team's president."

    Why - just because there cars are red or because Bernie loves them ?

    Half empty circuits in foreign lands, threats to quit grand prix in countries that have supported it during is flourshing times - spectators will leave, sponsors will leave ......... i used to love F1 but now I rather spend it watching touring car and moto GP.

    F1 is a processional circus.

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    • i've been reading about,or watching any form of auto racing since 1970 (yes, i'am old). F1, Indy cars, NASCAR,loved them all. after the 80's i got fed up with the F1 political krap and stopped watching F1. concentrated on good old U.S. racing, NASCAR, CART. Then we had the open wheeled cival war. Tried to watch them both, wasn't sure who was right or wrong(still aren't). over the years it got increasingly harder to watch(maybe i mean care). i still payed attention to everything but really focused in on NASCAR.
      then the year 2000 came and NASCAR became big time with network tv taking over. NASCAR was going to be bigger than the NFL(blah,blah,blah.....) What did we get?? at least one hour of prerace every week(besides the super bowl do you have to put up with more than 10 minutes of pregame???) , 5-8 laps(depending on track size/laptimes) then 10 minutes of advertizing, over and over again! i used to not miss a lap,(got mad if my girlfriend wanted to talk during the race). now it is so broken up i can't hardly keep focused on the race!
      so what did i do in response to all this? i came up with the great idea of:"IF I HAVE TO WATCH ALL THIS #$%$ I MIGHT AS WELL GO BACK TO F1!!!"
      watched all the races religiously(practice, and qualifing if i could get up early enough on a work day) celebrated when F1 came to indy. went to all the F1 races at indy(live 200 miles from there). then we had the michelan boycott at indy, now we have alonso/hamiliton spat(shades of senna/prost) and SPYGATE!!!
      I love auto racing, why do they continually make it so hard to care about it??

    • Big ferrari fan...........BUT there is no way 'WE' deserve to win anything! OK, if we were a close second or third or whatever then maybe, but the car is not good, too long, unreliable and not particularly quick.

      Take ALL McLarens points, take enough points from the drivers to still make is possible for one of them to win the drivers title........would love to say scrap BOTH Championships but that is pretty pointless. Not sure what the FIA will do tomorrow - not sure they can do much, ban McLaren for 2008 and it will throw the sport into further termoil, let alone any employment issues that may occur with the factory workers.

      These are dark days for what was once a wonderful sport.........now dicated by money, sponsors.............and Hamilton this and Hamilton that..........

      Still like to watch if I'm at home - but no more neck-breaking to get back if I'm out. MotoGP on the otherhand...............

    • There you go, taken from f1 news....

      "We can confirm that McLaren lawyers have recently brought to our attention certain matters regarding Renault F1," the FIA spokesman said. "But we can also confirm that the (Renault) team does not form any part of our investigations into McLaren's alleged breach of Article 151c of the International Sporting Code.

      "The FIA has reminded McLaren that the World Council hearing in Paris on Thursday will focus solely on the new evidence in that investigation. To the extent required, any other matters will be dealt with as part of an entirely separate process.

      "Renault F1 is aware of this and is happy to cooperate."

      Renault boss Flavio Briatore told La Gazzetta dello Sport: "(Dennis is) throwing stones a bit everywhere. We are calm, no problem at all."

      So Ron Dennis, not so happy with being told he's a cheat, is ready to rat about his classmates???
      Little prick he is.
      I lost all respect for that guy.....

    • McLaren is the arrogant team here, buddy.
      Alonso: arrogant bastard, claims his title is more important than the team's - claims he brought more to McLaren than any engineer in woking.
      Hamilton: arrogant teen who pretends that the paparazzis are getting him to leave to switzerland or monaco (what about being taxfree on the millions you take every year?)

      Dennis threatening Briatore to rat about them on some detailed info they may have on the car that won the 2 past championships? that's arrogant

      A team that has had engineers passing info to their competitors under the table, the other team able to bitch about technical details they are not supposed to have, also having an amazing advantage in technical knowledge. Other team never won a race last year, now all of a sudden they win everything?

      Who's arrogant and who's been cheated?
      yeap, maybe things could have been different this year for Ferrari... and if it is true that Dennis knew of those documents then the whole season is void, sorry to say.

      Yea, do us a favor: go and watch cricket

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      • Firstly, and fortunately, i'm not your buddy as your obviously an idiot but that a different story.

        Secondly, I hate cricket but admit that in todays terms watching snooker, cricket and paint drying is as exciting as watching multi millionaires in a procession driving advertsing billboards at high speed where the new excitement is from watching people changing tyres and putting in fuel. It's as exciting as watching the guys at the local kwik fit and bp station.

        Thirdly, if the sport is supported by people like you with an obvious hypocritical view of events where a man is accuesed of possible cheating and then berated for then exposing other potential cheats then you need to decide which side of right and wrong you actually want to sit as you seem confused .... which doesnt surprise me.

        And finally

        If you actually bothered to read my post you would know that i dont care about either team or you or F1 - its all a processional fix anyway.

        Enjoy your stamp collecting.

      • Well let's face it, with Mclaren out the way for the rest of this season and maybe the next, ferrari may win something.


        I'm in the same frame of mind as Bryan633118, iv'e had enough of f1 right now.

        I'm in agreeance with ferrari and their case, if Mclaren have gained advantage from the documents then the punishment is maybe justified. But to punish the team for one mans greed would be imo wrong.

        I'd imagine ferrari would be happy to see them banned this season and next, as they've won nothing in the last two seasons have they.

    • F1 was (WAS!) the only sport that interested me for many years. Now I have had enough and will not be following it from here on. Even though I have a friend who is a pal of one of the F1 drivers.

      I wonder how many others feel the same.