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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 13, 2007 00:12 Flag


    McLaren is the arrogant team here, buddy.
    Alonso: arrogant bastard, claims his title is more important than the team's - claims he brought more to McLaren than any engineer in woking.
    Hamilton: arrogant teen who pretends that the paparazzis are getting him to leave to switzerland or monaco (what about being taxfree on the millions you take every year?)

    Dennis threatening Briatore to rat about them on some detailed info they may have on the car that won the 2 past championships? that's arrogant

    A team that has had engineers passing info to their competitors under the table, the other team able to bitch about technical details they are not supposed to have, also having an amazing advantage in technical knowledge. Other team never won a race last year, now all of a sudden they win everything?

    Who's arrogant and who's been cheated?
    yeap, maybe things could have been different this year for Ferrari... and if it is true that Dennis knew of those documents then the whole season is void, sorry to say.

    Yea, do us a favor: go and watch cricket

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    • Firstly, and fortunately, i'm not your buddy as your obviously an idiot but that a different story.

      Secondly, I hate cricket but admit that in todays terms watching snooker, cricket and paint drying is as exciting as watching multi millionaires in a procession driving advertsing billboards at high speed where the new excitement is from watching people changing tyres and putting in fuel. It's as exciting as watching the guys at the local kwik fit and bp station.

      Thirdly, if the sport is supported by people like you with an obvious hypocritical view of events where a man is accuesed of possible cheating and then berated for then exposing other potential cheats then you need to decide which side of right and wrong you actually want to sit as you seem confused .... which doesnt surprise me.

      And finally

      If you actually bothered to read my post you would know that i dont care about either team or you or F1 - its all a processional fix anyway.

      Enjoy your stamp collecting.

    • Well let's face it, with Mclaren out the way for the rest of this season and maybe the next, ferrari may win something.


      I'm in the same frame of mind as Bryan633118, iv'e had enough of f1 right now.

      I'm in agreeance with ferrari and their case, if Mclaren have gained advantage from the documents then the punishment is maybe justified. But to punish the team for one mans greed would be imo wrong.

      I'd imagine ferrari would be happy to see them banned this season and next, as they've won nothing in the last two seasons have they.

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      • No matter what, i think it will be a huge loss if F1 is to run without McLaren...even if they are guilty, even if it's as bad as some people believe, including myself...
        It will be ugly if thats the case. F1 will lose lots of viewers (its already wiped a lot of viewers out actually)
        It is unfair to the engineers that have done their job as usual, and unfait to the pilots who's job is to put those cars to the limits, no matter how they were built.

        Im a Ferrari fan, but i wont really appreciate that they win a season in this manner, and this has been discussed already in other threads...i think we are a lot who share that opinion.

        If McL is really guilty, then let them run anyway with some form of penalty...they could start the next season 10 or 20 points behind or something...