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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 13, 2007 20:26 Flag


    No matter what, i think it will be a huge loss if F1 is to run without McLaren...even if they are guilty, even if it's as bad as some people believe, including myself...
    It will be ugly if thats the case. F1 will lose lots of viewers (its already wiped a lot of viewers out actually)
    It is unfair to the engineers that have done their job as usual, and unfait to the pilots who's job is to put those cars to the limits, no matter how they were built.

    Im a Ferrari fan, but i wont really appreciate that they win a season in this manner, and this has been discussed already in other threads...i think we are a lot who share that opinion.

    If McL is really guilty, then let them run anyway with some form of penalty...they could start the next season 10 or 20 points behind or something...

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