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  • jonathan jonathan Sep 14, 2007 00:40 Flag


    I dont know for you, but i find every qulifying session to be really exciting.
    I actually like it more than the race itself...since usually the start of the race tells you the finish order...

    I record quali sessions, and i even like to watch it again. You can really see the different styles of racing...u can see that alonso, hamilton, massa, raikonnen and even both beamers are real close to their lap times...
    I dont know for you but i love it...

    And oh last time, Fisi could really have been in the top 10...that would have been 2 renault's right there.

    Once we saw a lap from Davidson (hungary i think) which was superb...if this guy drove a McLaren im sure the media would go crazy.
    And i think the TV stations are giving more importance to the back of the grid now...with races being decided (between McL and Ferrari) in the earliest stages of the sunday race...yea it can be boring when u know who will win, who will make the podium etc... but back there, between Toyotas, Renaults and even Red Bull, things are really really close...

    Im not gonna give up on F1, and anyway McLaren will nkow how to bounce back from whatever happens to them.

    So its all good really!