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  • Richard B Richard B Sep 14, 2007 13:16 Flag


    i've been reading about,or watching any form of auto racing since 1970 (yes, i'am old). F1, Indy cars, NASCAR,loved them all. after the 80's i got fed up with the F1 political krap and stopped watching F1. concentrated on good old U.S. racing, NASCAR, CART. Then we had the open wheeled cival war. Tried to watch them both, wasn't sure who was right or wrong(still aren't). over the years it got increasingly harder to watch(maybe i mean care). i still payed attention to everything but really focused in on NASCAR.
    then the year 2000 came and NASCAR became big time with network tv taking over. NASCAR was going to be bigger than the NFL(blah,blah,blah.....) What did we get?? at least one hour of prerace every week(besides the super bowl do you have to put up with more than 10 minutes of pregame???) , 5-8 laps(depending on track size/laptimes) then 10 minutes of advertizing, over and over again! i used to not miss a lap,(got mad if my girlfriend wanted to talk during the race). now it is so broken up i can't hardly keep focused on the race!
    so what did i do in response to all this? i came up with the great idea of:"IF I HAVE TO WATCH ALL THIS BULLSHIT I MIGHT AS WELL GO BACK TO F1!!!"
    watched all the races religiously(practice, and qualifing if i could get up early enough on a work day) celebrated when F1 came to indy. went to all the F1 races at indy(live 200 miles from there). then we had the michelan boycott at indy, now we have alonso/hamiliton spat(shades of senna/prost) and SPYGATE!!!
    I love auto racing, why do they continually make it so hard to care about it??