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  • its nothing to do with polotics,,its about a 780 page dossier found at a maclarens employee,s home. plus new evidence there saying ..if there found guilty,,there should be punnishment..thats up to the FIA my Veiw is,, deduct points from the drivers and contructors,, and a heavy fine,,that way at least maclaren wont be skicked out from this year or 2008 season. say 30 points from constructors and 30 points from drivers plus 200.000 pound fine.

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    • OK, what exactly is in that 780 pages. McLaren have been tried, found guilty and had sentence passed but the average supporter of F1 still has no idea what the "evidence" is that has been presented. The Italian authorities obviously think a possible breach of their criminal code has taken place so Ferrari, put up or shut up.
      My understanding is that evidence to a "court" is in the public domain, why are the FIA so special that we have to trust this obviously biased organisation to tell us nothing but issue sanctions.
      Why are the FIA and certain teams so determined to wreck a sport enjoyed by millions worldwide for the sake of harmony with Ferrari at the expense of everybody else. Sir Jackie is right, McLaren are the target of a Witch Hunt. Ferrari didn't get the result they wanted first time so they keep on going until the FIA give them what they want.
      Politics, yes.... sport, no way!

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      • F1's just gone and cut it's own throat.

        Max Mosely your a joke!!!!!

        I'm glad i was around when F1 you could be proud to watch F1, the Mansell and Senna etc days.

        FIA listen to the likes of Sterling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Murray Walker, True racing enthusiats.

        Ron Dennis what can i say, but don't give, and fight.

      • I don't think Ferrari got what they were hoping. $100 Million was what McLaren got fined, but I think Ferrari were looking more towards taking points away this year.

        If the car was altered due to the notorious 780 document then points should be stripped. Obviously they didn't find any drastic changes...

        This whole deal was pathetic and nothing but hurtful to the sport, but then again so is Bernie and Max.

    • The truth of the matter is that the words 'F1' and 'sport' should not be used in the same text.

    • I totally agree with you on this.
      All teams including Ferrari would know what they incurr if caught with sensitive information from other teams...
      But taking a team like Laren out of the competition would be a shame to the sport... i dont think the FIA would take them out altogether....
      But lets wait and see....

      how come is it taking them so long to come up with a ruling anyway?