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    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    McLaren banned !!!!
    Any reaction to that ?

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    • They should of been banned for both this and next year. They're CHEATS.

    • im a guy whos been a avid watcher of f1 for many years (im 56 years of age ) and did not the f red cars do the same thing a few years back and only got a 2 race ban for it ? guess max and friends are getting a good bonus this year from a f1 team.i love f1 but its all about ££££££ now not a sport any more such a shame

    • I am a fan of F1 Motor Racing as a sport . I like to see good driving and racing . Any team or drivers who can show me that , I am a fan of . I like to see good clean sport , played honestly , let the best man win .
      It is regretable that when so much money is involved , the absolute of fair play is cast aside .
      In the eyes of many the great Schumacher is an all time hero ; many quickly forget the string of foul play collisions he caused to put out of action a strong rival and win a race . I have not been able to support him or the team he drove for because of that memory .
      Sadly F1 is no longer the sport it was ; though this year seems to have produced some surprises and exciting races .
      When in this case we are considering rights and wrongs , between two teams ; Ferrari and McLaren are as white as one another ; if you call one black , they are both black .
      I have lived lived in Italy a number of years and can testify to Italian morality , scruples and honesty as described by the above writer .

    • I am of the opinion that evidence and judgement has remained Facile in this case .
      I see , " Adam and Eve , The Serpent and The Apple " !!!
      I read that Stepney was not happy at Ferrari and Ferrari would like to sideline or get rid of Stepney . I just wonder whether Ferrari ( Directly ) did not have a hand in this affair ; to discredit McLaren and justify sacking Stepney .

    • Once again Eccleston and FIA show there favouitism of Ferrari as they always did with Schumaker when he cheated.

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      • ...beyond coughlan & stepney being banned for life from any fia motorsport events, ( which probably won't actually happen ) is there no real concern about alonso & de la rosa & their very explicit messaging back & forth w/ mssrs. c & s ???...
        ...surprised nothing more specific was said about that kettle 'o' fish...i suppose that would lead too deeply into the homeground & while the fia wants to slap the mc's hand, bernie doesn't want to lose one of his major cash cows...

        ...f 1 motorsports haven't really been interesting since the days of senna & prost & even that wasn't as good as pre-ground effects...maybe i'm dating myself but there were truly epic driver's battles back then...

        ...just sayin'...

    • And didn't Marshal Boob come down severly on those excluded from championships? Got a new one here...excluded for two years straight.

    • What a masquerade!
      Mc Laren is proved guilty of spying and lying repeatedly and insistently over the course of the season, and it’s nevertheless a Mc Laren driver who will be (or should be…) sacred world champion.
      Thanks to Ecclestone, Stewart and the entire British racing community at large, cheating may be a good option after all.
      More than 600 pages of documents, hundreds of emails, several meetings between Coughlan and Stepney (the Ferrari “Judah”), Ron Denis lies (he previously said Coughlan only was involved), and knowledge of Ferrari setups and other elements by drivers and senior staffs did not constitute enough evidences to penalize Mc Laren drivers.
      Read Planet-f1 and Autosport, announcing first on their web sites Mc Laren disqualification for 2007 and 2008, only to retract later (Ecclestone making sure his British pals could go on with business as usual).
      What did we learned?
      1. Money buys it all.
      2. British media sense of fairness and impartiality is questionable, if not improbable.
      3. Too much British influence in Formula One.
      Personally, in light of all findings, I cannot see Alonso or Hamilton being legitimate world champion. Sorry for them but F1 is a team sport.
      I would rather see no financial penalties but the disqualification of Mac Laren team and drivers for the 2007 season.

    • First of all, this appeal wasn't about "did any spying take place?", the FIA made it clear last time that something had got through to Coughlan, yet no proof that the team had used it to their advantage. No way that verdict was going to be overturned.
      This appeal was about Ferrari wanting McLaren to be punished. Nothing more.

      Banning McLaren from the Constructor's championship is a fair compromise between satisfying Ferrari on the punishment front, and not letting down the millions of real racing fans, like myself, who were witnessing the most tense driver's battle in years, and who would have deserted if anything more draconian happened.

      Ferrari are satisfied, and so they should be. They will be Constructor's champions unless something goes very wrong, and McLaren have been punished more severely than they were when they were giving the sport's image a less subtle bashing.
      Remember Austria 2002 - Ferrari blatantly brought the sport into disrepute - penalty of immediate exclusion from both championships -, but were only fined a couple of million dollars for not respecting podium ceremony protocol...

      I hope the FIA spends their hundred million wisely. As racing fans, I think we should have a right to look into that...

    • My personal view is that the FIA have just too much power.
      Formula 1 is a sport, right? It was a good time when the combination of best team, driver and car won.
      Ok money comes into the equation. So what? If you have the technology and talent, you will always attract sponsorship.
      Industrial espionage is dispicable, but a fact of life. Any large corporation will attest to this. Most of these take measures to protect themselves as best they can.
      Now the rules are changed every year, supposedly in the name of safety and viewer interest.
      Sorry guys ( & gals) you are going too fast; someone might get hurt or even killed.
      So, NO Turbo-charged engines, in fact, we think you should use small engines; no slick tyres, no ground effect cars. The list goes on and on.
      What a circus.
      I think The FIA have destroyed what promised to be a wonderful season.
      Really sad. It would not surprise me if Ron Dennis, pulled the plug on his teams' involvement in the sport.
      OK, so now the can is well and truly open.

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      • Let's hope Ron Dennis pulls the plug at McLaren ASAP. F1 does not need cheaters and liars in such a magnificent sport. The changes adopted by F1 are for the benefit of everyone, thus companies must dedicate their teams to become creative, innovative and on the cutting edge of technologocal advances. This takes time, money, people and a dedication to excellence, to be the best year in and year out. McLaren has none of this. Ferarri built a state of the art factory, a $100million dollar wind tunnel, and a world class practice racing facility. All in the name of remaining competitive in the sport they love (and created). So why does everyone think industrial espionage is accepteble and a fact of life that carries little or no concequences? Becouse people like Dennis can't do it themselves, he is shallow and weak, therefore he reverts to stealing and criminal behavior to make himself look good at the expense of others. Their are no short cuts and McLaren should not benefit from Ferarri's hard work and financial investments. Dennis should forfiet the entire season and walk away in shame, it will only hurt for a while.

    • Horaay, Its about time someone properly punished those criminals from McLaren for cheating and stealing from those who sacrifice their time, effort, energy and invest great somes of money in the pursuit of greatness. Their are no short cuts to success McLaren!! You should be ashamed and embarassed for the criminal acts perpetrated on the F1 community and their fans. I think McLearen should step-up and disqualify themselves from the entire season, including drivers points to save face with those who love this sport and respect fair play and decencey. I also believe jail time is appropriate for those involved in this offensive and criminal act. You have ripped the heart out of so many people who love F1. I applaud the sanctioning body for recognizing McLaren as #$%$ and leveying an suitable punishment.

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