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  • Scratch Scratch Sep 14, 2007 01:37 Flag

    McLaren banned !!!! Any reaction to that ?

    Ferrari get their way. They win the war without putting up a fight. (SOUNDS FAMILIAR).

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    • Ferrari have done it again!
      No chance of winning the title, car's just not good enough, one of our drivers is totally not good enough (that northern fella, our "saviour" post M.S.), Our other driver has the talent but car let's him down again and again, what can we do?
      Let's throw our toy's out of the pram (again) and complain to our "friends" at the FIA, we have a right to be the best team in the world so let's win the title by default, we don't care how we win it. Those damned "Garagee's" are getting too good again!
      Shame on you the FIA, shame on you Ferrari, you are a disgrace to a once proud sport.